Why are Oversized Front Door Handles the Newest Trend in Town

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Why are Oversized Front Door Handles the Newest Trend in Town

Every year, a slew of hot, new trends swarms the world of architecture. These trends could range from new aesthetics to new designs and innovations. One such good example, which is no doubt the hottest new trend in town, are oversized front door handles.

But really, what makes these oversized, long door handles worthy enough to be a major trend in the architecture world? That’s exactly what we’ll try to talk about here

What are Oversized Front Door Handles?

From the name itself, you can easily deduce that oversized front door handles are simply that – they’re front door handles that are, well, oversized. Compared to the typical door handles you see on the market, these ones tend to extend from the top down to the bottom of a front door. However, there are certain variations to these, such as those that don’t necessarily extend from top to bottom but are significantly larger than the normal handles.

Why are They Gaining Popularity?

As you might have guessed it, oversized entrance door handles are becoming the hottest new trend due to their design. Their oversized appearance, regardless of the shape, is something that’s considered to be undeniably stylish. Moreover, the fact that they mesh perfectly with contemporary doors makes them a solid choice for homeowners who are looking forward to a modern home look.

The impact of an oversized front door handle can vary depending on its material as well as the type of door it’s attached to. For example, when you have a wooden door, adding an oversized handle made of wood will certainly add to its overall aesthetics, especially if it’s thick and long.

On the other hand, a handle made of metal will give it a more industrial feel. Either wood or steel handles can make your door pop and no doubt contemporary looking.

These oversized front door handles are not just limited to doors, however. They can also be used on gate doors to make them look more stylish and functional. If you have a gate door that’s made of plain-looking materials, you can make it more aesthetically appealing by attaching oversized handles as an accent.

By combining a plain-looking gate door with a modern, oversized handle, you will be able to come up with an attractive entrance which can be subtle but quite memorable.

Various Shapes and Designs

As mentioned earlier, oversized entrance door handles are popular due to their design. This time, we’ll be talking about the various shapes they often come in. Most oversized handles on the market have the typical rectangular shape. However, you can also come across handles that are disc-shaped, square, long line, and more.

Disc-shaped handles tend to be a popular option among homeowners right now due to their simple yet eye-catching appeal. Apart from that, they could be made using the same material as that of your door for that cool and pleasing contrast.

The Key Takeaway

Oversized front door handles are surely a trend that will keep on becoming more popular as time goes by. There’s just something with the way they look and how they can complement even the most plain-looking doors.

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