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Since our establishment, we at Push or Pull have aimed at providing high-quality decorative door hardware products to our customers. We continually introduce new pull door handles in the market by innovating product functions.

At Push or Pull, we try to maintain a balance between aesthetics and functions. We primarily aim at providing products that will embody your personal aspects of life. We will offer you entry door handles that are simple and unique. The superior quality of our products makes sure that you have a comfortable feeling after purchasing them. However, we do not ignore crucial factors like practicality and convenience while producing decorative door handles.

Find out our massive designer range that caters for every possible style and budget, and you will understand why Push or Pull has become the first choice and the only truly one-stop location for Architects and Builders in sourcing the perfect architectural door handle for any project.

We are not just In Melbourne. Do not live in Melbourne? There is no need for you to worry. While we serve numerous customers in Melbourne, our company is actually located in Sydney along with our warehouse. However, we have an excellent logistics system in place that allows us to deliver your orders all over Australia. So, check out our Online Door Handles and place your order today.


Select the Right Door Handle

Selecting the right door handle online that meets not only your design needs but also your budget needs is of utmost importance and can really affect the first impressions that a visitor may have. At Push or Pull, we stock the best designer door hardware in Australia.

Architectural Door Handles Gallery

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The Largest Supplier of Quality Exclusive Designer Door Handles in Australia!

Push Or Pull Supplies all over Melbourne, Victoria and Australia

Push or Pull ranges some of Australia’s most desirable internal and external door handles from attractive and unique Lever door handles to the hottest range of Pull handles designs, offering handles that most Australians will have never seen before.

If you are looking for internal door handles, there are different types of locking systems you can choose from – keypads, combination locks, biometric, fingerprint, keyless locks, and remote keyless locks. Among these types, fingerprint locks and code locks are the commonest types of keyless options that client choose.

Our warehouse located in Sydney, NSW, Australia. We ship all over Australia (Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Canberra, Hobart, Geelong, Darwin and other cities), shipping costs will be included at the checkout. We also ship worldwide, please contact us for a quote on shipping costs.


Custom Design Door Pull Handles – Exclusive in Melbourne

While you can choose door handles that look great, they might not always be the right design element for your décor. By customising them, you can achieve the effect that you are looking for. There are several options open to you when you want to order custom door handles.

Our Benefits

Our team aims to deliver perfection to each client. At Push or Pull, you can customise your door handle according to your specific needs.

Custom made door handles by Push or Pull

Custom Size Handles & Different Shapes

We can customise your door handles according to your specific measurements

Pick Material

We strive hard and make every possible effort to polish each product to perfection

Select Colour & Finish

You can even choose the colour and finish of your choice

Custom Logo Embedding

Make your company’s logo stand out on a door handle.

High-Quality Door Handles

We make sure to make an effort to provide our clients with only the best and the highest quality of door handles.

Your Idea

Can’t find what you are looking for? Send us your design / sketch / idea and let us turn on into reality

Customer Testimonials

Exquisite custom made door handles that will make you fall in love with your doors again!

It’s time to restore the beauty of your Melbourne home or business with our stunning range of unique custom made door handles.

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