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Our Custom Handles are suitable for Residential and Commercial applications

Push or Pull is an Architectural Door Hardware company that specialises in creating beautiful custom crafted door handles and door hardware. We create uniquely designed custom made door handles in Australia that have various stunning designs for both residential and commercial structures.

From classy front door handles to sleek modern black door handles to vintage pull handles, we can create a number of different designs for you.

With a team of skillful and creative designers, we strive to create out-of-the-box artistic creations that go very well with our clients’ existing building designs. Our team consists not only of interior designers but also of product designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts. With a dynamic combination of people in our line, we provide perfect custom works of art for each client.

Our custom door handles in Melbourne cater not only to homes but also to posh hotels, suites, convention centres, and even offices. Everything we create is custom made for your own individual tastes.

What We Offer is More Than Just Creativity
Aside from just quality outputs, we also offer our integrity and honesty. Being in the business for many years, we believe that transparency and integrity are two very important factors in serving our customers. As long as you work with Push or Pull, we will make sure you’re always in the loop with what we do.

Custom Made Door Handles

Push or Pull is an Architectural Door Hardware company that specialises in creating beautiful custom crafted door handles and door hardware.


Create Your Own Customised Logo Door Pull Handle

To make your door handles or pulls stand out, you can get one with your own logo. You may have already seen them being used in posh homes, hotels and business establishments. For businesses, having a door handle with a logo is certainly an excellent idea. While you can choose door handles that look great, they might not always be the right design element for your décor. By creating custom made door handles you can achieve the effect that you are looking for.

Transparency and honesty are important to us as much as it is to you. Without transparency, it becomes difficult to build trust and satisfaction in the minds of customers. As such, the Push or Push Architectural Door Handles will ensure transparency in our work and give you ultimate outcome.

Are you searching for the perfect custom door handles that can finally give the finishing touches to your beautifully made door?

Our Benefits

Our team aims to deliver perfection to each client. At Push or Pull, you can customise your door handle according to your specific needs.

Custom made door handles by Push or Pull

Custom Size Handles & Different Shapes

We can customise your door handles according to your specific measurements

Pick Material

We strive hard and make every possible effort to polish each product to perfection

Select Colour & Finish

You can even choose the colour and finish of your choice

Custom Logo Embedding

Make your company’s logo stand out on a door handle.

High-Quality Door Handles

We make sure to make an effort to provide our clients with only the best and the highest quality of door handles.

Your Idea

Can’t find what you are looking for? Send us your design / sketch / idea and let us turn on into reality

Customer Testimonials

Exquisite custom made door handles that will make you fall in love with your doors again!

It’s time to restore the beauty of your home or business with our stunning range of unique custom made door handles.

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