Where Long Door Handles are used most?

Long Door Handles Australia

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Where Long Door Handles are used most?

The long door handles used on doors not just a piece of utilitarian hardware. They are an extension of the building’s personality. Chosen correctly, they accentuate the impression you are trying to convey with your home or office’s exterior. As a result, choosing the right handles can be tricky. At Push and Pull, we believe we have the perfect solution to this confusion in the form of our long door handles for front doors.

Our Range of Long Door Handles Online – the Largest Supplier in Australia

If you have an impressive front entrance, you need a similarly gorgeous handle on it. Door knobs and small door handles will be easily overpowered by the rest of the door in terms of visual aesthetics. You need entrance door handles with a length of at least 1600 mm to make an effective impact on viewers.

At Push and Pull, we make sure that you find our door handles to be suitable for all requirements. In fact, our door handles have several features worth noting.


The Incredible Length

Being more than 1600 mm in length, our door handles are more than capable of functioning as one. Everyone will be able to use them.

Browse Handles by Length Selecting the right door handle online that meets not only your design needs, but also your budget needs is of utmost importance and can really affect the first impressions that a visitor may have.

The Quality Materials

As front door handles, we understand the importance of getting a quality product. As a result, we use only the best materials to ensure that our door handles withstand the test of time. Choose from titanium, stainless steel and other robust metals as you take your pick of door handles. Rest assured that each of them will be highly durable, requiring only little maintenance to keep looking great year after year.

The Numerous Options

Of course, you need door handles that perfectly suit your specific kind of door. That is why we offer several options. The range of finishes is extensive and you can easily find something that will accentuate the design of your front entrance. A few of the finish options you can find with us include rose gold, gold, satin, wood, bronze, brass and even leather.

The range of designs is just as sizeable. You can easily get ornamental long handles for doors with traditional designs. Sleek and modern steel handles are available for a minimalist glass door. We even have vintage designs for doors with retro looks.

Where Can You Use Them?

There is no shortage of places which can benefit from the use of long handles for the front door. Although they can look great at homes, it is mainly the commercial establishments who will find these handles to be conducive to the overall atmosphere they are trying to promote. The hospitality industry such as restaurants, hotels and cafes is certain to love them. These door handles also make a good addition to shops, shopping malls, retail stores. Even offices, office buildings, warehouses and industrial properties can use long door handles.

If you are in need of quality long entry door handles in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or some other city in Australia, look no further. Push and Pull can deliver you what you require easily. Follow us on entrance door handles Facebook page

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