Where Antimicrobial Handles can be used?

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Where Antimicrobial Handles can be used?

Maintaining hygiene is one of the most prime responsibilities of a homeowner. Do you consider yourself responsible enough to maintain hygiene in your home? There are corners and places in your home where microbes lurk and you do not even have any idea that those are there! For example, the architectural door handles.

Door handles are accessories that are often used by people living in a house. To close or open doors, you need to hold the handles. That is when microbes get to your hands. Architectural door handles made of plastic, stainless steel and brass contain a lot of microbes as these materials cannot kill bacteria like the way copper does. That is the reason, you must upgrade to copper handles if you want your home to be clean and hygienic.

Where can you use copper handles?

Antimicrobial copper handles can be used in various places and not just in homes. The exterior door handles can be used in hospitals, doctor’s clinics, commercial buildings, and residential and public structures. In addition to door handles, there can be various fixtures for kitchen and bathroom that can be upgraded to copper. You can also use copper to create furniture handles and knobs. Doing this will help you curb the growth of microbes in your home.

How does copper work?

Copper is a metal that disturbs the osmotic balance in the body of the microbes. This causes leakage of glutamate or potassium through their outer membrane. Copper produces hydrogen peroxide, which cause oxidative stress in pathogens. In addition to that, in some microbes, Copper causes degeneration of DNA.

So, you must choose Copper to make your home germs-free. Copper handles looks beautiful and are also durable. The metal does not rust and you can choose and buy door handles online. So choosing Copper is a good choice.

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