Design Your an Entryway to Make a Stellar First Impression

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Design Your an Entryway to Make a Stellar First Impression

As the first part of your home that guests will see, it’s essential that your entryway represents your good taste and considerate eye.

Here at Push or Pull, we’re experts in design. Our entry door handles are a great place to begin. As the very first item in your home that your guests will come in contact with, a simple upgrade such as a new designer door handle can make all the difference!

We’ll share a few tips on how to create an entryway that’s sure to leave guests impressed. Be sure to take note but don’t stress. Because if you love your entryway, your guests will too!

Establish Your Colour Palette

Colour is key, and you want your entryway to set the tone for the rest of your house.

Do you love warm colours? Bright ones? Are you a monotone lover? A big fan of blues? Colour palette options are endless, but it’s important to stick to your palette once you’ve settled on the one you love.

This goes for details like your entry door and its handles as well. Don’t be afraid to play with colour! We love stunning choices like bold red or moody black doors that make a big statement in your entryway.

Here, beautiful designer door handles can help tie in your design elements by selecting a finish that compliments all the colours in your existing palette.

Play With Dimension

Scale is important in all design decisions.

Consider elements such as the size of your rug, the pattern in your tiles, the width of your lighting fixtures, and the height of your ceilings when designing your entryway.

An easy and fun way to add some dimension to your entryway is with architectural door handles that complement the size of your doors and ceilings. A simple swap for statement-making architectural door handles can quickly elevate your space.

Consider Finishes and Hardware

An important and final step in your entryway design is deciding on the finishes of the natural elements in your foyer: wood, stone and metal.

The perfect wood stain can be the missing puzzle piece in your design. Beautifully finished designer door hardware is the final flourish of a gorgeous entryway design.

Paying attention to small details like finishes and hardware is the extra step that ensures a beautiful entryway design.

Start at the Very Beginning – Your Entry Door & Handles

Redesigning an entire entryway can be a massive undertaking. Thankfully, you don’t have to do a complete renovation to elevate your space!

The first thing your guests will see when they enter your home is the entry door. Focusing on just this aspect of your design can make a major difference for your design.

A fresh coat of paint, a hardware refresh, and scene-stealing architectural door handles may be all you need to make the statement you’ve been dreaming of.

You don’t have to worry about redesigning your entire entryway. Simply start at the very beginning and consider your entry door and handles. Then, the rest of your design will fall into place.

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