Tips in Choosing Classy Bespoke and Architectural Door Handles

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Tips in Choosing Classy Bespoke and Architectural Door Handles

If it is a seamless aesthetic you want to attain for your architecture or interior design project, you have to look into all details. More than the door, it is crucial to choose the designer door handles that will make it look perfect.

The door handle can make or break the overall appeal of the interior. It’s like a missing puzzle piece. You either put the wrong piece and construct an odd-looking puzzle or place the right one and create a masterpiece.

Every detail about these handles is a unique addition, which will enhance your interior style. Doors are both functional and decorative. However, transforming your interior or architectural décor can be difficult.

Luckily, you can rely on Push or Pull, the leading door handle supplier in Australia, for all your requirements for architectural door handles. Here are the two main types of door handles; each type having its own set of considerations and benefits.

Pull handles

As the name suggests, pull handles allow a pulling or pushing action, either horizontally or vertically. Each includes different features that make them more effective to use. They typically cover a large area. They aid in spreading the weight of a heavy door when opening to make it feel effortless. They help in making the door easier to open no matter the age of the user. This is why it is no longer surprising to find residential homes with doors incorporating pull handles.

Pull handles for front doors are often used in commercial projects because the doors in the buildings are frequently opened and closed. We can provide you with various styles and luxurious finishes for this kind of handle. We offer excellent choices suited for external and internal applications for your projects.

Rest assured that the handles can withstand different circumstances, manners of pulling, and weather conditions. Most of our designs are user-friendly. They might look classy, but they are easy to figure out how to use.

However, no matter how exquisite our black door handles and other kinds of door handles look, we at Push or Pull recommend that you sample the products before making a purchase. This way, designers and architects can gauge if their clients like the look and feel of the products.

Bespoke door furniture can add glamor to your project. Pull handles in larger sizes can be striking and make your project distinct. The handles can give out opulence and an elegant effect to the doors. Don’t take our word for it; ask for samples and see our product lineup.

Take a look at what Push or Pull has to offer to suit the project you’re working on. We ensure that you will get the products according to your specified design.

Our talented design team is always ready to assist you regarding design and customization concerns. You can always contact the team to request your preferred bespoke look and other concerns.

We have a good lineup of architectural door hardware and handles. We specialize in decorative products that are weather-resistant, stylish, and cohesive. They will look great and functional in any property, including commercial buildings.

Lever handles

Lever handles may be what you need if pull handles do not fit the project you’re working on. Lever handles use a lever motion in opening a door. While they are commonly used in residential interiors, they also fit certain commercial projects.

Trust Push or Pull to provide you with a great lineup of these handles. We specialize in quality and style, and you can be assured that you will have them within the specified time frame. We will work with you to ensure you get the design you need.

You can look into our extensive collection of styles and finishes to get an idea of how we can be of help in pushing your project to its artful completion. We offer these lever handles in a variety of looks and appeal. We provide customization services to give our clients the exact handles they have in mind.

When trying to achieve glamorous interiors, it is important to consider convenience and effectiveness. This is why lever handles are there to aid in this modern transition. Unlike lift handles, lever handles work by twisting a lever, which rotates along an axis, meaning that you should push it downwards instead of pulling.

But you need not worry. These handles are easy to utilize once installed. They are also user-friendly and can be easily figured out how to use even by first-time users or minors. Lever handles come in a wide array of designs that will fit all interiors like offices, bathrooms, kitchens, and more. For example, brass door handles offer versatile applications due to their modern and stunning color. You can incorporate them with any door color, aside from the highly preferred neutral tones.

It is crucial to note that lever handles must be completely supported through the latch or lock’s spring mechanism. We have a team responsible for measuring the leverage of all the lever handles we make. We take into consideration important factors, such as the handle’s section size, the material it is made from, and the length of the handle. We fit our latches and locks with the proper springs to counter the handles’ weight and keep them on a flawless horizontal line.

Custom Door Handles

They suit projects requiring something distinct, eccentric, and special. They add luxury to any door, so ensure that you don’t miss out on these handles when choosing which one will add glamor to your project.

Custom handles are particularly required for a variety of restoration projects. To match the look of the existing hardware, our design team can assist you in crafting additional items that may need direct casting.

We offer a comprehensive specification and scheduling of our bespoke products needed for each project. You need to provide what and when you need specifics, including physical samples, 3D CAD files, and visual guides. We are taking this initiative to ensure that we make the products based on how you imagine the project to turn out.


Whether you are looking for front door handles, back door handles, or interior door handles, it is crucial to consider factors like delivery time, style, finish, and more. You have to get the products that will complement the project you’re working on.

Each door is unique, but you can turn them into anything you want, depending on the theme of the residence, business space, or property you’re handling. You must also make sure that the handles you use not only look good but are made from durable materials.

High class but suits your budget and preferences – this is what we can promise when you avail of our services in Push or Pull. Push or Pull has been in the industry for years and has worked with a variety of architectural and interior decorations projects – big and small. We’ve handled them all.

We have the knowledge, experience, and skills to meet your architectural requirements and design specifications. We provide high-quality external and internal door handles delivered according to your schedule.

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