Reasons Why Reclaimed Wood is a Great Option


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Reasons Why Reclaimed Wood is a Great Option

Numerous things have been made from reclaimed wood. Both homeowners and companies widely use it to suit the ever-increasing need for sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture and equipment. You can find reclaimed wood on architectural door hardware.

The following are some of the reasons why reclaimed wood is a fantastic choice:

1. You are concerned about the environment.

The requirement for newly collected virgin wood from forests is reduced when recovered wood is used. Rather than depleting the land, this serves to maintain it. Squirrels consume acorns, and bugs eat the leaves of trees. Many of these critters and plants will lose their natural habitats if several trees are cut down.

2. You enjoy bringing old wood back to life.

Maybe you’re interested in environmental preservation and repurposing the things we already have. If that’s the case, you’ll like giving ancient wood a fresh lease on life. According to the USDA, demolished structures create one billion feet of useful lumber. When you acquire antique wood, you are also getting a part of history. That’s why you can consider it if you’re looking for interior door handles.

3. You’re enthralled by the idea of preserving history.

We are a proud country with a long and illustrious history. You are preserving your country’s history by using repurposed wood. You could be buying wood from a well-known industry that housed hundreds of people, a spectacular historical footbridge, or a lovely old farm.

4. You adore the rustic appeal of reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood is one of a kind in that it has an eternal quality and appeal. In terms of architectural grandeur, it’s likewise unrivaled. Each piece is unique and can’t be duplicated. Reclaimed wood has a lot of personalities, and the fact that it’s old only adds to its charm, thickness, and color.

5. Old-Growth Wood is No Longer Available

The phrase “old-growth” pertains to trees that have attained full maturity organically in a setting that promotes sluggish development. Because they took decades, if not centuries, to flourish, old-growth trees are often tougher and bigger than the others. That’s why you can consider it if you’re looking for wooden door handles.

6. You want to use sturdy and long-lasting wood.

Reclaimed wood goods are not only unusual in appearance, but they are also lasting and powerful. Only the most stable and durable woods were utilized to construct our country’s old mansions, stores, and workplaces. Most of these antique structures have weathered the test of time for hundreds of years.

7. You’d like to use the sturdiest wood you can find.

The newly harvested wood is less dimensionally stable than old-growth wood. This is owing to the fact that aged wood has been subjected to several fluctuations in humidity over a lengthy period of time.

This offers pieces made of aged wood significantly more solidity than pieces made of new wood, making them ideal for high-traffic areas like your floors. That’s why you can consider it if you’re looking for timber door handles .

8. You want your wood planks to be wider.

If you are searching for reclaimed wide plank wood for sale, keep in mind that reclaimed wood beams are tougher and more solid than newly harvested wood beams, allowing them to be cut into broader planks. This is owing to the fact that ancient wood is much more resilient than virgin wood for the reasons stated above.

9. Exotic and rare woods can be repurposed.

In terms of sustainability, using rare timbers is a no-no. Nevertheless, suppose you come across some lovely, unusual, and exotic recycled wood. In that case, you can utilize it guilt-free in your work. Exotic woods, such as rare and tropical mixtures of Asian and European hardwood species, also increase the value of a home.

10. You Appreciate Uniqueness

So many of the things we buy nowadays are industrially made. If you’d like to find anything unique for your house, you’ll have to pay a lot of money. On the other hand, when you purchase reclaimed wood, you can be confident that each part is one-of-a-kind and not mass-produced like many modern wood goods.


There are numerous reasons why reclaimed woods are an excellent choice. The ten reasons listed above can attest to that. That is why if you are planning to buy wood, you must consider it because it is one of your great options.

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