Reasons Why Brass Door Handles are Popular in Australia


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Reasons Why Brass Door Handles are Popular in Australia

Door handles come in various types in terms of shape, size, finishes, style, and material use. Depending on individual preferences the type of door handle they choose varies. However, brass door handles are preferred by many individuals compared to other types of door handles.

One of the most asked questions is why brass door handles are popular in Australia. We shall be answering that burning question in this article. The article will also give you enough reasons to choose a brass door handle over other conventional door handles.

Why Brass Door Handles Are Popular?

Brass is a high-value alloy of copper and zinc. This makes it have awesome characteristics that make it very useful for making classic door pulls brass handles. The following are the reasons why the brass door handles stand out.

1. They Are Elegant

Brass door handles have a very unique and elegant appearance making them so attractive. It is because of this reason that they get used so much on door handles to give the doors an awesome look and style. If you want to give your door a unique feel, then the classic door pulls brass handle will be the best choice.

2. Corrosion-Resistant

This is another interesting reason why Australian made brass door handles are very popular. They are corrosion resistant and therefore can be used in any weather or climatic condition. They do not contain iron and therefore they do not rust.

This characteristic makes them usable in most places including coastal areas that are considered to be a high corrosion environment.

3. They Have Low Friction Characteristic

Brass is friction resistant and this makes it to be highly used in movable parts. This is the reason why you find that classic door pulls brass handles are used in high traffic areas such as shopping malls, residential properties, and offices because they are used so many times.

This durability makes the door have less breakdown and this increases its lifespan. It also helps in saving money because it requires minimum servicing in the long run. Brass door in Australia has been tested and proved to have the highest durability rating.

4. They Resist Bacteria and Germs

This is another cool feature of brass door handles. They have a self-disinfecting property whereby the bacteria and germs cannot survive. This makes the classic door pulls brass handle to be suitable in areas that are frequently touched by people.

The copper and brass chemical reaction makes it reduce the build-up and survival of germs and bacteria. It effectively sterilizes the bacteria and germs from the hands touching the brass door handles.

5. Conservation of the Environment

The other important thing about the brass door handles is that the manufacturing process conserves the environment. Australian made brass door handles manufacturing processes use fewer materials and can also be recycled making it very economical.

Top Brass Door Handles That We Recommend

There are several types of brass door handles to serve different purposes. The following are our top recommendations of custom brass handles to meet your unique needs and style.

Elizabeth Back To Back Pair

This is an awesome and elegant design brass entry door handles that are suitable for office doors, elevator doors, and high traffic areas doors. It is uniquely designed in order to complement the whole design of your architectural door. Elizabeth back to back pair brass door handle is also very affordable.

Bodum Back To Back Pair

This is the best push or pulls the designer door handle. It features an exclusive architectural design for various commercial and residential applications.

Helix Brass Pull

Helix brass pull brass door serves as a great pull accessory. It is, therefore, best suited for offices, storefront, or convenient store entrance doors.

We can conclude that brass door handles are very useful in many ways and this is the reason why they are mostly preferred over other types of door handles.

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