Mixing finishes in your home – Yes or No?

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Mixing finishes in your home – Yes or No?

Best Tips for Decorating Your Home

Are you planning to remodel your home? You must be thinking of ways you can change certain things about the interiors of your home. However, you must look for the most cost effective way. Spending a huge lot of money in changing every accessory from brass door handles to carpets is not advisable. So, you need to look for options that should give your home a unique style without you spending extravagantly. 

Mix n match

That’s the best you can do to the décor of your home to make it beautiful without spending a lot of money. So, get ready to mix n match antique door handles with contemporary lampshades just beside the door.  Similarly, you can pair an old photograph on the wall with modern lighting fixtures on the walls. Doing that will give the much needed noticeable change and you do not have to do too much for it.

Mix colors and pair furniture accordingly

If possible apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls. You can mix contemporary wall stickers with traditional furniture. Choosing the right colors is very important when it comes to decorating the interiors. So, ask for expert help when you are choosing colors for your walls and upholstery. If you are installing architectural door handles, colors like red, blue, and other bright colors will accentuate the color of the brass handles. Likewise, you can try bright colors on one wall and complementary lighter colors on all the other walls. You can also try different patterns.

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