What is the Difference Between Brass Door Handles and Bronze Door Handles?

brass door handles bronze door handles

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What is the Difference Between Brass Door Handles and Bronze Door Handles?

For those buying door handles in Australia, navigating all of the choices is a bit overwhelming. Many of the different door handles can seem as though they are not all that dissimilar. A common source of confusion is the difference between bronze door handles and brass door handles. Both are copper alloys. Most people talk about them interchangeably. But how similar are they really?

Brass Door Handles

Door handles made from brass can have a range of color options. This can vary between red and yellow based on the amount of zinc that is added to the alloy. But when it comes to brass door handles, you can get a very vibrant gold appearance. This is helpful to improve the aesthetics of a custom door handles by getting that polished brass instrument look. The appearance of brass can really pop and set off a design.

With that said, when you are looking for brass door handles, you can choose a coloration that is less pronounced. Brass door handles are available in more subdued colors. Though it is most commonly chosen for its decorative potential because of how much it can look like gold.

In terms of construction and durability, brass excels in both categories. This is why it is so commonly used as the primary material for musical instruments. If you are looking for something very pronounced, elegant, and hardy, brass door handles are the obvious choice.

Bronze Door Handles

Many people choose bronze door handles because of their very timeless and antique appearance. Opposed to the gold appearance of brass door handles, bronze door handles are duller. This is sometimes preferred when a property owner is choosing door handles and desires them to match the vintage or lived in style of the building.

You will see bronze used for sculptures and in nautical settings due to its amazing corrosion resistance. Bronze door handles will weather time extremely well. The use of bronze in industrial settings for fasteners proves how resilient this material is.

For the feeling of a dignified acknowledgment of time, bronze door handles do a very good job of capturing that effect. Even if you are choosing door handles for a new home, you can give the structure a more antique vibe with bronze door handles.

Which will work best for you needs?

As long as the door handle design is made with effective usability in mind you really only need to be concerned with design aesthetic. Gold goes well with gold, so when you are using brass door handles with a very gold finish you will want door lock hardware to have that same type of finish.

With the more weathered and dulled look of bronze door handles you can get away with using different colored metals, but it is also likely to pair well with anything that is black. The trick will be in not using any other door hardware with a mirrored or shiny finish.

The options for homeowners will be much greater than the choices available to shops and businesses, as they will need to pair their door handles with high-security and commercial door locks. If a business is also purchasing storefront door locks, pick out the lock hardware as locks are less likely to be customizable to the door handles.

The best way to handle this decision making is to go to the best place to buy door handles online in Australia. You will have the greatest selection, and be able to see the options before you.

Final Thoughts

For those looking to buy bronze door handles or brass door handles in Australia, it is hard to go wrong with either. Both are good choices in terms of reliance and practicality. The main consideration will be the appearance of the door handles. There are no hard and fast rules for buying door handles in Australia. Just make sure you are satisfied with the appearance of your door handles, because brass or bronze, they are built to last.

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