Brass, Chrome or Matte Black? Discover the Top 5 Door Hardware Finishes in 2024

Brass chrome matte-blac discover the top 5 door hardware finishes in 2024

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Brass, Chrome or Matte Black? Discover the Top 5 Door Hardware Finishes in 2024

When your guests come to your door, do you want them to say “Wow” or “Where’d you find that?” If yes, you must pay attention to the look and feel of your door handles, knockers, chain guards and similar accessories.

Investing in designer door hardware is a telltale sign that you pay attention to the finer aspects of your home or commercial estate. It also reflects that you want these functional pieces to serve you for years to come while helping you create a familiar, personal yet premier-looking space.

With brass, chrome, matte black, and several other options, selecting the right door hardware finish that matches the aesthetics of your residential or commercial property can feel like sifting through a maze.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled this handy guide highlighting the top 5 door hardware finish options trending this year. These are ideal to reflect your discerning taste and create a lasting impression on your visitors. Let’s dive in and help you create a notable appeal for your door handles.

Hottest Door Hardware Finishes in Australia – 2024 Edition

Modern-day Aussies have moved on from the popular choices of 2021. This year, they are more obsessed with the following five:

Brass: Timeless Elegance

If you appreciate timeless design, quality craftsmanship, and a touch of warmth, brass is the perfect door hardware finish for you.

The golden colour can instantly elevate the appearance of your door. When the sun rises in the morning, your door handle will reflect a warm glow that is soothing to the eyes.

Elegance aside, brass also has a rich history. Back in ancient Egypt, it was the primary metal used in the ancient pyramids as well as the grand doorways of European palaces. Choosing brass is a way of connecting to a legacy of timeless design.

Brass door handles aren’t just beautiful, it’s an investment. Adding luxury pieces to your home is one way to elevate its value. If you’re a property developer or homeowner looking to resell or rent the property in the future, go with brass.

When it comes to maintenance, brass doesn’t require a team of cleaners. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes to get it back to its original glory.

Chrome: Contemporary and Stylish

Back in the day, chrome was reserved for office buildings and other commercial structures. The tides have now changed; chrome door hardware finishes are now making waves in Australian homes, and for good reason.

chrome finish door handle finish is a simple addition that makes a big statement. Chrome reflects light perfectly, and this makes it perfect for smaller apartments or rooms that do not have abundant light.

Here’s who chrome door hardware is perfect for:

  • The busy individual who has no time for constant cleaning.
  • Homeowners on a budget, looking for a door handle finish that won’t need a replacement any year soon.
  • The modern minimalist who loves clean lines and uncluttered designs.
  • The light lover who needs something to fill in for the lack of natural lighting in the home.

Matte Black: Clean, Bold and Versatile

Black hardware isn’t new, but matte black is a modern interpretation that’s all the rage. It takes the timeless appeal of black and gives it a contemporary, sophisticated edge that no other hue does.

The beauty of matte black hardware is how it works in so many different rooms. It goes great with clean, modern styles like Hamptons chic, but it also looks cool in industrial spaces like converted warehouses.

Even though it’s a dark colour, a matte black door handle will not be over the top. It adds a little bit of drama to a room without making it feel too crowded or dark. That’s why it’s a great choice for making your entryway look special without going over the top.

Easy maintenance is another one of matte black. It hides fingerprints and dust particles better than lighter finishes, making it an impeccable, low-maintenance choice for busy fellows.

Bronze: Undying Vintage Charm

In a world of chrome and brass, bronze offers a unique and unexpected touch. It shows you appreciate the finer details and have a discerning eye for design. Bronze door hardware finishes are an investment in style.

Unlike some trendy finishes, it won’t chip, peel, or fade easily. This goes to prove that its durability can well withstand the sunshine, humidity, and everyday wear and tear of busy lives.

Bronze also pairs beautifully with many iconic materials. It complements the heritage sandstone of terraces, the exposed brick of warehouses, and the timber accents of beachside bungalows.

Let’s talk about history for a bit. Bronze has graced doorways for millennia, which is a testament to its beauty and durability. Today, bronze isn’t just about heritage; it’s been reimagined for the modern home. New finishes like aged or brushed bronze offer a unique, textured look that adds warmth and character to any space. There will be no shortage of compliments from guests when you have a bronze door handle on your front door.

Stainless Steel: Sleek Yet Durable

Take a look at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Over 90 years old and it still maintains its modern look. That right there is a practical example of steel’s longevity.

This stuff is practically indestructible. It resists corrosion, scratches, and even fingerprints. Your stainless steel handles will keep looking sharp for years to come, no matter what life throws your way (or at your door).

Steel door handles are especially practical for kitchen and bathroom doors. No other finish can handle the moisture like steel will. It has no pores for bacteria to hide in, so it’s the perfect option for germaphobes too.

Home intruders will not have easy access to your home when there’s a steel handle at the door. Your locks and hinges will be almost impregnable.

How Do You Select the Right Door Handle Finish

Picking the right finish for your door is more than just about aesthetics (though, let’s be fair, colour and artistry matter too.) So, if you do not want to purchase tired-looking relics that appear to belong on the set of Ramsay Street, here are a few tips to make a stronger and classier statement.

First of all, consider your lifestyle. Do you live in a huge Sydney or Bondi home and have young children who like to leave fingerprints on everything they touch? A low-maintenance finish like stainless steel or matte black might be a wise choice if your answer is yes.

Busy professionals who don’t have time for constant cleaning will benefit the most from finishes that resist smudges and require minimal upkeep.

Further, the dramatic Australian climate also influences your selection process. The combination of sunshine and humidity can be tough on some finishes.

Suppose your building is a direct recipient of sunlight for most hours of the day. In that case, you should consider durable materials like brass or stainless steel. This is the only way you can ensure your door handle can withstand the elements and maintain its beauty for years to come.

Don’t forget about the overall functionality of the handle itself. The size and shape of door handles should be comfortable to grip, and the mechanism should operate smoothly as well.

How much traffic does the door receive? A door that is often used will benefit more from a more robust handle. A door with little traffic, for example, a closet door, wouldn’t mind a smaller-sized handle.

Don’t be afraid to experiment till you find the right fit. Many hardware stores offer displays where you can touch and feel different finishes.

Consider the weight and texture of the handle – does it feel comfortable in your hand? Does it visually complement the surrounding door and wall colour? You can also ask your home designer to recommend their preferred door handle merchandisers where you can buy the perfect fit for your door.


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