Why Australian Designers Prefer Push or Pull Door Handles

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Why Australian Designers Prefer Push or Pull Door Handles

Have you ever wondered why Australian designers generally prefer Push or Pull door handles? It’s often an overlooked aspect of design, but choosing the optimal type of door handles can have a significant impact on a property’s final design and look; after all, those little accents often add up to have a huge impact. Luckily, this is something our experts can help with, and so, today, we’re looking at some of the key things you should know about push and pull door handles – and why Australian designers typically prefer these over other options.

The Diversity of Door Handle Designs

When it comes to design, there’s a lot you’ll need to think about to find the ideal style in your property – and that includes the finer details, too. In line with this, it’s well worth considering the different types of door handles and how they might lend themselves to your needs.

One of the great features of Push or Pull door handles is that they come in a myriad of different designs, which is well worth noting as part of your decision. Of course, there’s the typical curved door handle, and this is ideal in many different applications; these give a sleek and sophisticated look to the property. However, it’s also possible to get door handles in many other shapes and styles, depending on what you need.

As a result of this, they’re ideal for many different properties, no matter what the overarching aesthetic might be. Better still, they offer a substantially more refined style than traditional door handles and door knobs, making them the perfect way to quickly add an extra touch of class and luxury.

In addition to design, it’s worth noting that push-pull door handles also come in a broad array of materials. As such, no matter what you’ve been looking for in your next project, there’s undeniably a handle that can bring out the unique charm of your unit. Common examples of materials include bronze, brass, silver, steel, acrylic, and so much more.

What to Look for When Sourcing Push or Pull Handles

Quality and Durability

When choosing a door handle for your property or construction project, quality is one of the most vital requirements. Indeed, while that initial aesthetic can have a huge impact on how the property looks to buyers or the commissioning team, it’s quality that dictates long-term satisfaction with a particular product. Fortunately, this isn’t something you should have to compromise on with Push or Pull door handles, especially when you partner with an expert team such as ours.

Quality is everything to us, and this can have a significant impact on your own designs as well. Indeed, word spreads fast among the design community, and solutions that don’t stand the test of time will often come back to bite you if not tackled properly at the outset.

Some of the highest-quality materials for our door handles include the following:

  • Solid stainless steel: It might be a classic option, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable! Solid stainless steel is ideal for lower-budget projects that still need a durable and aesthetically stunning solution.
  • Bronze: For thousands of years, mankind has recognised bronze for its exceptional quality, and this is something that still resonates to this day. Top-quality bronze is both luxurious and durable, resisting corrosion and staying in top-condition for years if well-maintained.
  • Brass: Another classic choice, brass is excellent as part of a custom door handle thanks to its excellent strength and timeless look. They also develop a patina as they age, helping add a little more energy and life to a property.
  • Crystal: It’s not the strongest of materials, but as far as quality goes, few door handles are more refined than a crystal handle. When combined with other materials or crafted by an expert team, crystal door handles can still be expected to last for a good length of time, too.

Here at Push or Pull, we are immensely proud of our reputation for top-quality door handles and products. So, if quality is something that resonated with you – and it should – make sure you’ve partnered with an expert local team to help.

Customisation Options

One of the core requirements for designers, in many cases, is customisation. Fortunately, Push or Pull door handles are effortlessly easy to customise, making them brilliant solutions for many different applications.

Once you’ve got a design in mind, simply get in touch with your leading door handle manufacturers to see how their designs could be tailored to your requirements. This step, though a little more costly and time consuming, offers the perfect solution to ensure that each home or property is finished to the highest possible standard, with an aesthetic that’s perfectly in-keeping with the overall look.

Here at Push Pull, we’ve worked with hundreds of big brands and renowned designers to bring a custom look to life. From the Treasury Casino in Queensland to W Hotel in Melbourne and many more in between, we’ve put our heart and soul into every project, so you know that the final look will be exceptional.

Sustainability Practices

When choosing door handles, partnering with a brand that’s reputed for delivering reliable and sustainable results is highly important. Fortunately, brands like ours here at Push or Pull pride themselves on delivering top-quality results with as minimal an impact as possible, which is crucial for your own design projects.

These days, the sustainability and environmental footprint of a design project is something that cannot be overlooked, and clients – especially high-profile, luxury names – are increasingly expecting designers to integrate sustainability practices into their offerings. As such, being able to cater to this demand can be a simple way to keep up with the competition and set your own design agency apart from the crowd.

Be ahead of the game; make sure your chosen door handles are produced in a low-waste, eco-conscious manner.

Ease of Installation

Unfortunately, not all door handles are created equally, and this can have a significant impact on your final design. Indeed, a door handle that’s difficult to install poses numerous challenges; at best, it might delay the project. However, at worst, it could result in damage to the door handle itself or the door, which represents a significant cost in sourcing and fitting replacements.

Fortunately, premium-quality Push or Pull door handles are designed to mitigate this challenge, taking the hassle out of design. Thus, there’s no room for error here; make sure you’ve factored in installation ease when choosing a door handle to ensure projects are completed on time and to the unwavering standards your clients demand and deserve.

Customer Service and Support

As a final point, being aware of the different customer support available is hugely important when purchasing our door handles. Not only does this influence whether you’ll actually end up with the right type of door handles – nothing’s worse than awaiting a delivery, only for the wrong design to arrive – but it can also be crucial if something goes wrong during your ordering experience.

Fortunately, teams such as ours here at Push or Pull pride themselves on delivering a high standard of customer support for designers around the world. There’s simply no room for error when handling such prestigious design cases, and we recognise this better than most; as such, we’ll be on hand to help with any queries you might have throughout the ordering and manufacturing process, giving you and your clients greater confidence accordingly.

So, don’t leave this to chance; transform the aesthetics of your design with help from our experts here at Push or Pull today! We’ll never settle for second best, and after all – the perfect door handle can transform any property from nice to extraordinary in moments, making it a vital investment for Australian designers to consider.

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