Popular Door Handles Finishes in 2021

Popular Door Handles Findishes

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Popular Door Handles Finishes in 2021

Your overall interior ambiance and attractiveness are be determined by how well you choose your hardware finishes. It is also determined by how well you match your hardware accessories with the main components. Details do matter.

Undeniably, doors and windows are one of the interior elements that can highly impact your interior design. These are some of the most important factors that story-tells your chosen color theme, and thus, don’t hesitate to enhance and emphasize its quality to achieve your most desired output.

When it comes to door hardware finishes, there are multitudes of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for designer door handles for your home or office, it is important to choose the best door handle finishes. For most people, it can be difficult to match the door hardware with the rest of the décor.

Finish variations can help your door and cabinet hardware stand out. But which are the best finishes for door handles in 2021? Well, read on to find out our top 3 door hardware finishes.

Brass Finish

There’s nothing more elegant than contrasting your transparent glass door with brass finished designer door handles. You will most probably see this design in mansions and high-end condominiums. You can achieve a sophisticated look for your office or business with a brass coloured handle.

This is a handle designed for an exclusive designer door. This is also Australia’s most frequently selected front door designer handles. Brass finishes allow your doors to achieve complete elegance and style.

Its durability also permits your door to function effectively. Since this door handle finish is covered but not made of bronze, its smooth texture will without doubt match your home’s interior quality.

Chrome Finish

This chic, chromatic coloured handle can definitely level up your interior appearance. With its modern and simplistic style, this is door handle finish is perfect for both residential and commercial main doors. Besides, this elegantly coloured handle is a perfect match for wide opening doors because of its enormous size and grand design.

Push or Pull offers this chromatic finish that usually matches modern home and business places. It best suits your residential entry door or the main entrance of your commercial establishment.

This striking finish is achieved by electroplating a layer of chromium on metal objects. Because of its beautiful decorative layer and corrosion resistant properties, most Australians prefer it for their kitchens and bathroom door handles. Additionally, this finish is durable and easy to clean.

Matt Black

Matt finishing is the modern obsession. What more could it be when it is black? Matt black is every stylistic designer’s dream color. It can be applied to walls, cars, desks, sofas, and even doors. Well, if you are obsessed with matt black, check out our flawlessly designed matt black door handle.

This theme of this finish can match every person’s lifestyle and artistic preference. The matt black color projects a bossy aura, allowing users to feel empowered just by surrounding themselves with matt black coloured items.

This matte door handle finish is no exception when it comes to nailing your interior design. It gives your office or living room a modern, neat, and bossy look that and is most likely to should match your overall setup.

Besides, this finish is one of the most chosen handle designs for people who are obsessed with exclusive designer doors. These are customized by our expert designers, and these are one of Australia’s most frequently selected front door designer handles.


There are some of our top finishes for door handles in Australia. When making your selection, keep in mind factors like your interior door and style of your door. This way, you will be in a better position to choose the right finish that will best complement your space.

Also, you need to choose finish variation for reputable brands. This is important because variation in finish can differ from one brand to another.

At Push and Pull, we offer the best door handles that are top choices for designers, builders and architects across Australia and the whole world. Our team takes pride in having top-rated, outstanding product quality that is globally sourced by experts. We are your one-stop shop whether you want contemporary or modern designer door handles.

We have a wide range of choices that caters to the needs and style of all our customers. At the same time, we consider the price that suits your budget whether you are looking for matt black, chrome finish or brass finish.

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