Customise Your Project with Bespoke Australian-Made Timber Finishes


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Customise Your Project with Bespoke Australian-Made Timber Finishes

Push or Pull offers the finest locally-produced designer door handles available in various wooden finishes. Our company redefines the architectural door handles, skillfully crafted to cater to your needs. The wide array of premium quality wood manifests elegance and timeless beauty that can open doors to limitless possibilities.

Articulately handpicked and sealed to marine grade perfection, our products are built to stand against high impact forces and outdoor use. Originating only from economic and sustainable plantation forests, Push or Pull brings high-grade quality at your doorstep, literally.

Sourced with only premium quality and sophistication in mind, our products can transform the ordinary into extraordinary. With our wooden door handles, you can give life and brand new meaning to opening doors. As you pick your best bet, your selected solid wood can have either finish of natural oil or wax.

Redefining wood

Wood gives off a symbol of luxury and practicality. Its texture alone exudes durability and opulence – the reason why it is widely loved by the trade and industrial business. As the industry continuously finds ways to work with wood, one thing is for sure: it has become a staple in many homes.

At Push or Pull, we believe wood is indeed a necessity. Wood makes door handles scream designer. As such, the use of wooden finishes goes two ways: protection and glamour. At Push or Pull, we believe premium wood should ooze a luxurious feel to one’s senses. Not only that, but it should protect against scratches, moisture, and dirt. At our company, we offer solid pieces of timber that are incredibly pieced together with marine grade clear topcoat in a satin finish.
As a general truth, one cannot go wrong with wood.

American White Oak

A staple in furniture, White Oak provides a contemporary look to door handles. With its durability and water-resistant material, it’s good news about how it’s sustainably abundant in North America. White oak boasts of big growth rings, making medullary rays quite common to appear in such finish. Its sapwood ranges from white to a fair brown, with a medium coarse texture we love to work with.

American Walnut

If you’re feeling gothic and elegant, this finish is for you. Considered as an upper-grade long-lasting wood with an attractive wood grain, it provides a five-star feel of luxury while still being extremely durable. This finish works well with interiors in a neutral tone for more of that premium feel. With a heartwood range of dark brown, this wooden door handle finish is perfect for those who want a classic look.

Australian Spotted Gum

Locally-produced and considered high-grade timber species, Spotted Gum is the go-to if you’re in the market for something unique and durable. Feeling unsure? It’s highly recommended by engineers and architects in the industry. Its coarse texture, white sapwood, and wavy grain produce a beautiful fiddleback accent in one’s wooden door hardware.

Opening doors for limitless possibilities

Push or Pull’s selection of elegant wooden designer door handle hardware and finishes feature a wide array of wood that can be customized to your liking.

At Push or Pull, your decision matters the most. Reach out and communicate with us so we can make your project come to life.

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