How to Select the Appropriate Euro Escutcheons for your Door Hardware?

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How to Select the Appropriate Euro Escutcheons for your Door Hardware?

Keyholes or escutcheons are quite often forgotten when you choose door hardware accessories. Escutcheons are decorative as well as practical; since they are proving to be helpful in keeping out the draughts. Escutcheon comes from the old French Word Latin Scutum that implies a shield.

Whenever you cut a lock hole in your door, you will have to install an escutcheon. Most of the time, you have to install one escutcheon on each side of the door. If the surface is mounted on the rim lock, then you will have to install an escutcheon on that side of the door that does not have the escutcheon. When you go to select escutcheon for your door, you will realise that a wide of it is available on the market, from patterned to plain. You also get it in various kinds of finishes. Here are some steps that you might have to consider when you select the appropriate escutcheon for your door.

What is the Shape of the Keyhole?

The first thing that you will have to consider is whether the keyhole is of a standard shape or not. Some lock holes are formed like Euro Lock. However, a majority of the key holes have a standard shape. If you need Euro shape, you can get in the touch with the maker, and they will design it for you.

What is the Total Number of Keyholes Needs to be Covered?

You will have to take into account the number of escutcheons that you are going to need. Usually, you require a pair of them, one for the inside and the other one for the outside. However, if you feel that the inner part of the door does not require an escutcheon, you can opt for a single one.

Do you Want it With or Without a Cover?

You get escutcheons with or without cover which implies that some are open when the other are covered. When you have to use the key hole, all you have to do is to push the cover to one of the escutcheons. These are extremely helpful, as it can be used for the prevention of drought.

How to Select the Suitable Finish and Design for Door Handles?

The design and finish of escutcheon is determined by the door knob or door pull handles that is installed on the door. You might already have a door knob or might be installing a new one. Whatever may be the case, you have to let the door knobs be your guide. You have to opt for the same design and finish that will suit the door knob. If you purchase something that does not compliment the door knob, then it might ruin the entire look of the door.

Escutcheons are that door hardware accessory which can be obtained in various profiles like the euro, oval, or standard. Every variation is based on a particular mechanism. It keeps you door looking neat and tidy. It hides all tatty edges and allows you to operate the lock through the centre. You can also pair it up with a draught excluder in order to prevent cold air from coming through the key hole.

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