Why 316 Marine Grade stainless steel ideal for Australian environments?

grade 316 stainless steel

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Why 316 Marine Grade stainless steel ideal for Australian environments?

Grade 316 stainless steel door handles?

There is a common idiom that says, “First impressions are the most lasting”. Certainly, first impressions count for your home too. That’s why early Chinese philosophy claims that the front door of a house has a lot to say about the person who lives in it.

Furthermore, even the door creates a first impression through its handle. When people visit your home, and they reach out for the handle of your door, what kind of first impressions do they get about you?

Every house deserves great doors with the finest quality; doors with handles that are stylishly crafted with a classy finish to create great impressions. The ideal choice for door handles is stainless steel products, especially in coastal environments like Australia. Marine Grade 316 stainless steel, for example, has been proven to thrive even in the toughest, high corrosive, coastal locations. It is, in fact, the best for door handles in Australia.

Stainless steel products have a glistening appeal, so they don’t require a painted finish. The good thing about this is that the glow, unlike paints, can never wear off. In addition to this, the door handle does not need to be regularly cleaned to maintain its lustrous appeal. If anything at all, you may only need to polish the surface with water or vinegar once in a while.
More so, stainless steel is a heavy-duty material, so it can resist dents and keep the original shape and smooth surface for quite a long time. It is also very resistant to rust and corrosions in a wide range of media, particularly to crevice and pitting corrosion in warm chloride environments like Australia.

Also, due to its heavy-duty nature, 316 Marine Grade 316 stainless steel offers great security. It cannot be hacked by knife attacks and can survive over 2000 hours of natural salt spray, with no signs of corrosion whatsoever.

Due to their durability, security, and ease of use, stainless steel door handles are well known and widely used in Australia. Push or Pull, one of largest Door Hardware suppliers in Australia, offer clients various designs of high-quality #316 Grade Stainless Steel Door Handles. Customers can choose their preferred style based on the door weight, thickness, and using environment.
Without doubts, 316 grade stainless steel is the way to go for your door handle Australia. Maximize the effect of your door handle to create great first impressions about yourself, and get the added perks of high security, durability, and beauty.

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