7 Ways to Bring Personality to Your Home Office

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7 Ways to Bring Personality to Your Home Office

If you are one of the lucky professionals who have been allowed to work from the comfort of their homes, you are probably thinking of ideas to create your home office. An ideal office space should motivate and inspire you to work, regardless of your type of job. But how does one create a dedicated home office with the ideal setting?

Well, here are 7 effective tips to bring more personality to your home office.

Step 1: Get Plenty of Light

The outdoors is a great motivation while working in your home office space. Natural light will help you stay connected to the outdoors and make your space feel bigger. Plus, plenty of light can set the right ambiance and mood.

To do this, consider placing your desk near a window and use light sheers. You can use a fogged window film as well if you want to keep the blinds up. You should, however, avoid heavy window treatments.

Step 2: Select the Right Spot

If you have a dedicated office space in your home, then you will have an easy time. However, if you do not and still want to create a fully functional working space, make sure that you scout for the right spot. This can be under the stairs, hallway, bedroom, living room, or any unused space.

When choosing your spot, keep in mind several factors like light, as well as, proximity to internet and a power outlet. The space should also be able to fit your desk and chair. If not, you can opt to customize them to fit the available space.

Step 3: Tidy Up the Space

It goes without saying that a tidy space will act as motivation for you to work while a messy space can be the opposite. With this in place, take some time to declutter and ensure that everything is cleverly arranged.

If you have a lot of supplies and equipment, put up cabinets for convenient storage. This will eliminate the unsightly scenes of printers squeezed on the wall or cables hanging everywhere. Besides, you can visit Officeworks to get a reusable Velcro wrap or an off-the-shelf cable tidy.

Step 4: Own Your Space

Do you have things in other rooms that really spark joy?

How about you take advantage of them for your home office space and start decorating in a way that reflects your personality.

Bring a pop of color to the walls, design your doors and customise your door handles. Do not be afraid to design your space in a functional yet fashionable manner. Own your space and let it inspire you to work every day.

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Step 5: Stay Organised

It is one thing to tidy up your new space, and it is another thing to remain organised. In order to work efficiently and remain productive, you need to keep things organised. Develop a simple layout for organising things for easy retrieval.

Avoid clutter by organising your documents in document classifiers and label the filing. Take advantage of the numerous labels and stamp kits available for your file holders. You can use storage boxes to keep essential office items and control clutter as well.

Step 6: Think Comfort

The last thing you want when working in your home office is a terrible back pain- resulting from wrong posture. You should therefore take into ergonomic aspects when setting up your office.

While you do not need to spend a fortune buying a standard office chair, make sure that your chair is comfortable and has ample back support. Ensure it offers the right posture- your feet should be rested flat on the floor and your thighs parallel.

Step 7: Maximise on Storage Space

Add as much storage space as you can, to keep things organised. Storage also helps to hide away unsightly essentials that you do not need at the moment. If you have a small space, floating shelves would be an excellent option.

Furthermore, white-on-white palette maximizes the feeling of space. Make room to display attractive pieces and display your accomplishments- which can cheer you up when you are low.


Adding personality to your home office is not that difficult after all! You just need to think pretty and try out new things, while minimising the less essentials stuff. Do not forget to take crucial factors like comfort and light into account and have fun working from home.

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