5 Dirtiest Places In Your Home, Where Germs Hide

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5 Dirtiest Places In Your Home, Where Germs Hide

Germs like to lurk around in your home. The germs are everywhere – from the just-washed laundry, in the ‘clean’ kitchen sink. You need to know the areas in your house where germ infestation is the maximum to be able to keep those areas clean and maintain a good hygiene in your home. Remember, germs can make you sick and they can mutate into things that your body doesn’t recognize. Use certain basic things like soap, bleach, disinfectants, and water to keep your home clean and safe from germs. Lets see what are the areas where germ infestation is maximum:

  • The kitchen: Most of the germs stick to sponges and dish towels. These are used for multiple tasks and they tend to be wet most of the time. The faucet hardware also attracts a lot of germs and bacteria. The cabinet knobs and refrigerator door handle are the areas where there is substantial germ growth.
  • Switches, knobs, and handles: Sometimes you need to walk around the home and wipe-off doorknobs, electrical switches, and cabinet handles. This will keep germs off these areas.
  • Makeup kit: Make-up applicators brushes and sponges are prone to the growth of microorganisms. Germs in your makeup kit can cause eye and skin infections. For regular cleaning of the applicators and accessories of the kit you can use water. But using alcohol can kill most of the germs.
  • Unwashed laundry: If you have left laundry unattended and unwashed, it is the breeding ground for germs. So try to wash clothes regularly and keep your clothes clean. You must regularly clean the washer drum and disinfect the surfaces where you lay the clothes to fold them. Even clean laundry that is left unattended in a machine after the wash can lead to growth of germs.
  • Office and Home Electronics: You will be surprised to know that on an average your office desk has about 400 times more bacteria than the toilet seat! Remote controls, phones, computed keyboards, and desktops get touched way more than a toilet.

Don’t freak out. Just by using your common sense and the right cleaning methods you can make it a point to get rid of all unwanted germs and disease-causing microorganism in your home.

Did you know that antimicrobial copper can kill about 99.9% germs within just two hours? Copper is a safe metal and do not harm people or environment. It is a recyclable metal, which do not harm the environment. It will continue to kill bacteria and germs for a long time, till you use those in your home.

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