What Makes Black Door Handles So Attractive?

Black Door Handles

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What Makes Black Door Handles So Attractive?

Have you ever seen black door handles on big vintage doors and just thought to yourself, “hey, those door handles look really amazing!” Well, that’s simply because black door handles are indeed more than amazing. They have this air around them that can give any door an instant whiff of elegance.

Why Are Black Door Handles Attractive?

There are a million reasons as to why a lot of people prefer black door handles as compared to the usual door handle. However, people love black door handles mainly because of two reasons: their versatility and elegance. Compared to other colours, black can match with pretty much any door style, giving the door a sophisticated air. So imagine placing a black door handle on both a brown and a white coloured wooden door. You’ll see that it looks good on both but give each a different, respective air.

Depending on the style of the door, the black door handles would amplify the door’s design. For example, if you use black door handles with vintage designs, the colour black will add a touch of luxury. If you add it to modern designs, it will give the door a more mysterious and dramatic look.

What Clients Say about Nisos Door Handle

Known for door handles, Push or Pull has been able to completely satisfy its clients through providing some of the best and most beautiful door knobs and handles for any type of door. One of Push or Pull’s most recent clients purchased the Nisos Door Handle for her white wooden door.

The Nisos Door Handle is a long black handle with a granite type of design. It is a strong and heavy handle that’s elegantly unique and able to accentuate the entire look of the home’s exterior. The client who ordered this door handle was extremely happy with her purchase not only because it was a beautiful addition to her home design but also because it was also very easy to maintain. Its finish allows it to not to get dirty easily. Even if it does get dirty, it isn’t very obvious because the rough granite design won’t emphasize the dirt.

At first, the client was just looking for a heavy door handle that she can add to her door so that she won’t have a hard time pulling it. Going through the Push or Pull catalogue, she found the Nisos Door Handle and made her purchase.

Of course, the client loved how it looked on her door. It gave her door a more rugged but sophisticated feel to it. It has a very medieval look that allows for a “castle” type of atmosphere. She mentioned that it went extremely well with her vision of how she wanted her house to look. She’s actually an antique enthusiast, so her house is filled with different historical pieces. The door handle ties into her hobby of collecting vintage objects. Her door itself already has a very medieval wooden design, so adding the black door handle gave it the finishing touch.


Black door handles can work with just about any design, which is why it is so popular among interior designers and regular homeowners alike. Push or Pull’s collection of wares is extremely beautiful and very unique at the same time. The Nisos Door Handle, in particular, is one of the most well-loved designer handles in their collection.

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