Vesna – Antique Style Door Handle

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Vesna – Antique Style Door Handle

Most interior designers and architectures love using vintage brass decors because they add a certain type of air to the place. That’s why Push or Pull puts full effort in creating some of the most beautiful door handles for any home. Push or Pull makes use of a special brass optimisation process that combines chemical bathing and application of fine wood from Australia. The process involves using natural chemicals and oils together in a mix along with wood chippings. The combination of the elements gives the product its lustre and body.

The brass finish is what makes the antique door handles come to life. Push or Pull’s brass finish technique gives the handles a faint and subtle glow that you’ll find in most antique decorations that have lasted for years. Because of this process, you’ll notice that the decor may get darker over time. However, the change in colour doesn’t make it look worn out. On the contrary, it makes the colour look more vintage and classy – giving it an air of wisdom and sophistication.

Durability and beauty are the two things that Push or Pull offers when it provides brass door handles Sydney and other brass decor items.

Vesna Back to Back Antique Brass Door Handle

The Vesna Back to Back Antique Brass Door Handle takes its inspiration from a classic old English style. Expert craftsmanship is seen in this product with the very detailed make of the handle itself and the hinges that hold it. The handle also comes with its engraved design, giving the decor an older and more authentic feel. The door handle goes well with houses that have classical, victorian, medieval, and renaissance style architecture. It blends in very well with wooden doors.


The Vesna Back to Back Handle comes in two finishes – the Satin Antique Brass Variation and the Titanium Crystal Variation. The Satin Antique Brass finish gives the handle a very old feel which makes it perfect for vintage interior enthusiasts while the Titanium Crystal finish is shinier and classier. This is more suited for the more sophisticated type of interior design.


This door handle is to be cleaned with a soft dry cloth. The cleaning of this vintage brass door does not require detergent soap or water as chemicals may affect the colour of the finish. Wipe with a dry cloth regularly to keep the antique brass shiny and beautiful.

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