How to Select the Best Timber Door Handles for Your Entrance?

Timber Door Handles

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How to Select the Best Timber Door Handles for Your Entrance?

Door handles, while they may seem like a little detail in our doors, complete a house. Not only do they help us open and lock our houses, but they also add an aesthetic value to the overall design of our abodes.

If you happen to have a timber door, naturally, you’d want to get timber door handles as well, right? However, not all of us know how to do so. If you’re one of these people, below is a guide that you can follow.

Toughness Measurement

The first thing that you should take note of is the toughness of the wood being used. This should be your basis when selecting an ideal door handle made out of timber.

When talking about toughness, we are referring to the capacity of the timber wood to absorb shock from strong forces. Though timber will eventually decay due to wear and tear and temperature changes, this doesn’t mean that they’re not great door handles. It’s just that you’ll have to know what type of timber works well in your environment. In this way, you can make the most out of it.

Hardest Timbers That You Can Choose From

If you want to have tough wooden door handles that will most likely last for a long time, you can purchase or make a custom door handle made out of these:

  • Mahogany – It’s one of the most durable wood as it rots really slow, making it great for wet or humid places.
  • Oak – This one is fungus and insect-resistant. It’s waterproof as well, so it does not rot easily when subjected to extreme moisture.
  • Jarrah – This fibrous and heavy wood resists water quite well. It’s easy to carve in the beginning, but in time, it becomes harder, making it super durable.
  • Cherry – It’s one of the finest woods and is known for its red hue. Aside from its durability, Cherry wood has unique streaks, so it’s amazing when made as door handles.
  • Maple – This is a dense type of wood that is known for its smooth texture, longevity, strength, and grain.
  • Walnut – Lastly, this versatile wood can be made into door handles as well. It’s a hard and dense timber that absorbs polishes and finishes really well.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Door Handle

If you’ve already picked a timber of your choice, consider these when shopping for door handles:

  • Security – See if it can secure your home properly.
  • Functions – Check out the functions; see if you’ll need a door handle with locks, decorative features, and the like.
  • Style – Next, see if the style complements your door. Aside from the wood type being used, make sure that your door handle won’t look out of place when installed.
  • Handle – The handle type should also be considered. Do you want, long door handles for entrance or knobs? Do you prefer levers?
  • Finishes – There are a variety of finishes that you can choose from – antique brass, flat finishes, etc.
  • Installation – Also, check if you can install the door handle alone or with assistance. Regardless of who installs the door handle, make sure that it’s not as complicated so that you’ll save time and money.
  • Warranty – It’s best that you get a door handle that has a warranty.
  • Budget – Know what your budget is. In this way, you can narrow down your choices so that you won’t overspend.
  • Maintenance – Lastly, once you’ve chosen a door handle, know how to maintain it. Each timber type has certain care tips, so it’s best if you’re going to learn this so that you can lengthen the lifespan of your door handle.

If you want to search for high-quality and affordable wooden door handles, here at Push or Pull, we have some of the best items at the moment. Choosing the perfect door handle for you is not as difficult as it may seem. Follow the tips above, and you’ll definitely find an ideal one for your door.



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