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Fingerprint Lock

Keyless lock technology is now a reality and practical solution for a variety of applications.The quickest and most secure way to enter a room or building with the key literally at your fingertips

PROTECT is a practical and cost effective model from the Push or Pull – iTouch range with 3 methods of access

  • * Fingerprint
  • * Code
  • * Key

Other Key features include:

  • 230 users codes (fingerprint + code user)
  • Anti Panic Function
  • Multi-level user entry
  • Easy to retro fit, Replaces existing conventional single latch lock easily.
  • No electricity or wiring required, works off 4 standard AA Batteries with a life of up to 18 months under normal use
  • Electronic deadbolt
  • Suitable for Commercial, Schools, Hospitals, Banks & private Residence
  • Passage mode unlock setup (unlocks¬†with the turn of the lever from the inside)

This unit is supplied complete with single latch

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