Dining with the Stars: Watch Out How Celebrities Push Modern Door Handles

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Dining with the Stars: Watch Out How Celebrities Push Modern Door Handles

My Kitchen Rules Featuring Push or Pull’s Modern Door Handles

How to stay popular in the modern door handles World? MKR’s Episode 20, which was aired on Wednesday, February 28, featured a challenge for Group 1. This challenge was about giving a high tea service. In this challenge, the group is judged by the public as well as their rivals. What are the results? Watch how Group 1 performed in Episode 20.

In the same episode, Push or Pull’s Everton Pull Handles were spotted as MKR celebrities entered the Hydro Majestic Hotel located in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia. The celebrities look classy and stylish as they walk past the entrance of the hotel.

MKR, also known as My Kitchen Rules, is an Australian competitive cooking competition show aired by Channel 7. Let’s see how the episode went and how it featured Push or Pull’s modern door handles.

Push or Pull’s Everton Back to Back Popular Pull Handles

Push or Pull’s Everton Back to Back Handle is an elegant handle perfect for glass doors, such as those in Hydro Majestic Hotel’s entry way. This handle is one of the finest antique brass door handles Push or Pull has ever created.

The Everton Back to Back Handle is coated in gold finish. Designed to look classy and elegant, Everton has an antique look. Each line and curve is finely shaped. The middle part has vertical lines from top to bottom, and the edges are adorned with sophisticated curves that match the antique look of the door handle.

With its classic design, the handle is flexible in style. It can look amazing with just about any type of doors – from wooden doors to glass doors to metallic doors.

Indeed, it’s amazing how Push or Pull’s creations are luxuriated by heaps of different buildings and hotels from all around Sydney, Australia, including the Hydro Majestic Hotel. This shows the credibility of Push and Pull and our products. Many people trust Push and Pull clearly because we provide high-quality pieces of work. We use the finest materials to craft antique brass door handles, front door handles, and brass door handles. Not only that, we only allow expert hands to polish masterpieces, making sure that each piece is of superior quality.

Why Are Push or Pull Products Popular?

Push or Pull products are known around Australia because they have top-class quality. Push or Pull’s popular door handles are superior not only in quality but also in style and design. Before each of the front door handles is crafted, they are thoroughly planned. Initially, they have been digitally designed for approval. Then, they are crafted with top-notch materials and tools. The cutting, shaping, and polishing tools are first-rate as well. That’s why the work at Push or Pull is fast and efficient. This makes the delivery of each project fast and accurate.

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