Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic and Smart Locks in Australian Homes

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic and Smart Locks in Australian Homes

Security is the number one priority of most homeowners. These days, people are now using electronic and smart locks to ensure the security of their homes. Modern door handles come with this security lock system. Door Hardware Sydney even allows custom door handles to ensure better security for their homes.

However, not everyone is sure if it’s worth the money. Some people doubt its credibility and functionality. With this in mind, let’s narrow down the advantages and disadvantages of smart and electronic locks.

Advantages of Modern Door Handles


Electric and Smart locks are very convenient to use. Homeowners will no longer use keys or key cards to open their doors. They can now use their smartphones to access their home security system.


Another advantage is that it’s pick-proof. Burglars will have a hard time trying to get into your home because of its customised security system. Modern door handles are now equipped with a voice recognition system which makes your home more secure.


Another big advantage is that it’s user-friendly, and it can cater to your specific needs. Some custom handle doors have several features which make it easier for the elderly and single moms to open the door without using keys, especially if their hands are occupied.


Disadvantages of Modern Door Handles

Power Outage

One of the disadvantages of modern door handles is the power outage. Electronic and Smart locks use electricity for them to function. In case of power outage, homeowners will have a problem accessing their homes. Mechanical door locks can work with or without electricity.

Jamming and Hacking

Another disadvantage is security breach through hacking and jamming. There is a possibility for hackers to access your electronic security system. They can decode and invade your system without your knowledge. They can also jam your system, especially if they know how it works. It is important that you install effective security features after getting your electronic smart lock from door hardware Sydney.

Non-Recognition on Several Customize Features

Another disadvantage is non-recognition. For voice recognition and fingerprint features, non-recognition is possible. There are situations wherein your voice changes or when you try to open the door with sweaty hands. In these situations, non-recognition could happen. Aside from that, it can happen when there is a glitch in the system.

Smartphone Device

Using smartphone devices as “keys” can be really helpful, but at the same time, it can be problematic. There are particular situations wherein you can’t access your home security. It can be because your smartphone is out of power. Another possible scenario is that you lost your phone or it was stolen. This makes your home more accessible to strangers.


Smart and Electronic Locks are one of the best innovations in home security. However, there are several things that you need to consider when buying one, especially your safety and that of your family.

A much safer option than electronic locks are traditional designer door handles and custom made door handles. They don’t depend on electricity, so they always work, making your home safe and secure every time. For traditional and custom made door handles, contact Push or Pull, the expert in crafting custom door handles.

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