Is Living a Minimalistic Life Possible?

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Is Living a Minimalistic Life Possible?

Are you the type who can manage to live with just a couple of stuff with you? Do you feel like a lot of stuff are but unnecessary items which are better not acquired at all? Can you manage to travel or go on adventures with just a suitcase or two?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions, then you are among those who have applied the concept of minimalism – or shall we say, you are a minimalist.

What does it mean to be a minimalist?

There are people who would say that a true minimalist can manage to live his life only possessing 100 items or fewer. However, there are those who say that being a minimalist is about living in a tiny hut and growing your own produce, basically creating your own sustainable livelihood.

There are also those who claim that they are minimalists by embracing the typical interiors that feature uncluttered surfaces and a white-and-grey color scheme. However, there are those who seem to be bothered every time they hear the word “minimalist”.

Living the minimalist life isn’t all about having less or living with as little stuff as you can. Instead, it’s more about shifting your focus on making room for more: time, activity, experience, passion, contentment, adventure, growth, etc. It’s basically all about allowing yourself to get hold of more freedom. It’s all about decluttering everything that needs decluttered to help make that room.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having material stuff.

So what exactly is minimalism?

The goal of the minimalist movement is pretty simple: to simply view things as things. To think of them as tangible and inanimate objects that are bound to disappear. Of course, while many of them are indispensable (things like food, clothing, medicine, and shelter), a minimalist shouldn’t give any special meaning to them.

Living a minimalistic life isn’t really that hard, as long as you’re willing to change your mindset. If you got a time, have a look some of our simple minimalist door handles.

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