What Kind of Internal Door Handles Do Modern Australian Homes Have? Alternatives to Bunnings Internal Door Handles

Internal Door Handles Online Modern Australian Homes

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What Kind of Internal Door Handles Do Modern Australian Homes Have? Alternatives to Bunnings Internal Door Handles

The biggest hardware industry in Australia today is Bunnings. They have a large variety of products, including door handles. Because it offers a wide product selection, many customers opt to go to Bunnings. Surely, Bunnings has a rich customer base. However, if you want an alternative choice for modern internal door handles Bunnings, Push or Pull is the one.

What Kind of Internal Door Handles Do Modern Australian Homes Have?

As said, each customer has their own unique and different needs. Some prefer conventional designer door handles while others prefer modern internal door handles. Regardless of your preferences, you, as a customer, must know exactly what you’re looking for, particularly your wants and needs. If you don’t, you don’t have to worry, though, as Push or Pull will guide you in discovering your preferences. You can also discover your personal preferences yourself and pick your choice from Push or Pull’s official website. In the site, you will find many different choices of internal door handles from sliding door handles to black door handles. With Push or Pull, it’s possible for you to find internal door handles online at the comfort of your home.

Consistency: An Important Factor in Modern Australian Homes

Consistency is one of the most important factors in a modern Australian home. It is important because it preserves the sense of uniformity in a house. Many people think that having different door handle designs for each room in the house is a good idea when the truth is it is not.

When it comes to interior design, consistency must be kept in mind. It’s important to plan a single theme for your home and stick to it as you make your improvements in design. This is the key to achieving a beautiful and sophisticated modern Australian home.

Top Favorite Door Handles

There are many different door handles from many different companies, but not all of them are worth the purchase. In this section, let’s list some of the top favourite door handles on the market today. We choose two models from article 5 Top Designers Pick Their Favorite Door Handles from Architectural Digest magazine

1. HT6006 Lever by H. Theophile

Modern door handles
Photo courtesy of H. Theophile

Joe Nahem discovered this lever as a great choice for the modern house in Colorado that he’s been working on.

“The doors were all big and heavy, so we wanted something that felt really nice and substantial and provided a reassuring grip,” the designer says. “That little curve on the back of the lever just fits perfectly in the hand’, he added.

Push or Pull Alternatives

2. Empire and Scroll Levers by E. R. Butler & Co.

Internal Door Handles
Photo courtesy of E. R. Butler & Co.

Architect Gil Schafer loves to use levers on French themed doors. According to Schafer, this is because they offer more space for hand grip. One of his favourite choices is the Empire and Scroll lever from E. R. Butler & Co.

“Our work is generally rooted in tradition, so we try to find hardware that reinforces that idea,” he says. “The curvier Scroll lever is very appropriate for a traditional interior with a late-18th or early-19th-century feel,” the professional interior designer added.

Push or Pull Alternatives

3. Archer by Push or Pull

Push or Pull’s Archer has also made it to the list of the top favourite door handles. Archer has features that are similar to those of the two previous internal door handles online.

This product has four different finishes, including Chrome and Wood, Chrome and Satin Nickel, Chrome Plated and White, and Chrome Plated and black. This means that you can choose any finish according to your personal preference.

This door handle has a modern design that fits any modern Australian home. Its design is also flexible, which means that it can also fit to just about any other kinds of themes at home. Its coating also looks sophisticated, so you can expect it to be able to reflect elegance throughout your home.

Push or Pull as an Alternative to Bunnings

Push or Pull doesn’t have a variety of hardware products. Because of this, the company is able to focus on modern door handles. Over the course of the years, Push or Pull has become an expert in the field of architectural door hardware. At Push or Pull, homeowners get to have many different variations of door handles, which is a big advantage to them for their home improvement needs.

Push or Pull vs Large Companies

Large hardware companies like Bunnings could be a great option. However, most large companies have a hard time specialising in just one aspect, like architectural door hardware. As said, internal door handles Bunnings have a variety of products, so they may not be able to focus on one field. Large companies also have a wide client base, so they may not be able to provide plenty of time for each customer. As a result, the products they offer may result in mediocrity, appearing poor, ordinary, and plain in design.

Push or Pull and Its Customer Service

According to an internet source, each customer has different perceptions of customer service. If a company wants to provide good customer service, customers’ needs should be identified, and strategies to fulfil these needs should be planned.

At Push or Pull, each customer is handled differently. Push or Pull handles customers according to their specific needs. Requests are also attended immediately. This is all because Push or Pull considers their clients as their main priority. Unlike large companies with a wide customer base, Push or Pull has all the time to cater the needs of each customer aspiring to add beauty to their property.


Indeed, Push or Pull can give you many different door hardware services. Aside from giving you options of door handle products, Push or Pull also offers customer services, allowing customers to send photos of their door and giving them tips on which door handles to choose to match the look of their door.

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