How do I keep my Antique Brass Door Handles Shiny?

Antique door handles Sydney

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How do I keep my Antique Brass Door Handles Shiny?

Antique door handles look elegant and beautiful with their yellow colour that resembles that of gold. They make any door look neat and classy with their bronze hue. Plus, they are flexible in style as they are fit for just about any theme. Although they look antique and rustic, they have their own way of making any door extra beautiful.

Because brass door handles Sydney are an important part of your doors, it only makes sense to take care of them so that they will last for a long time. Luckily, you don’t need to hire professionals to maintain the beauty of your antique door handles Sydney. You can just do the cleaning on your own to keep your bronze door handles shiny as new. Follow the steps below to know how it’s done.

Step #1: Apply the mixture to brass door handles

Create a mixture of water and Noncostic detergent. Once made, put the mixture on your bronze door handles using a scrubbing pad. Do the application of the mixture in circles. You can apply more mixture on your brass door handles Sydney and do more scrubbing if there is still tarnish left.

Step #2: Remove the mixture from antique door handles

Once the tarnish has been completely removed, start removing the mixture. Do this with a clean cloth. Wipe off the mixture from your antique door handles Sydney. If there is still tarnish left, apply the mixture again. Repeat this process until your brass door handles are completely clean and shiny.

Step #3: Schedule regular cleaning

To maintain the shine on your bronze door handles, clean them regularly using this method. Clean them as soon as tarnish starts to build up again. It’s also advisable to schedule a regular cleaning. It could be once or twice a month. This depends on the necessity.

Antique brass door handles bonus tips:

Here are a few more tips to help you clean your bronze door handles properly:

  • Use a pair of rubber gloves when cleaning your door handles, especially when applying the cleaning mixture. This way, you will not damage your hands while cleaning.
  • Don’t use acidic mixture every week. This will cause the verdigris to develop on your antique door handles faster.
  • If you have a lacquered brass door handle, don’t let it stay wet for a long time. This will remove the layer of the lacquer.


If you have a valuable item such as an antique brass door handle, it pays to maintain its shine and beauty. Follow the steps mentioned above to clean your door handle properly.

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