Finer With Age: Door Handles That Keep Getting Better with Time

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Finer With Age: Door Handles That Keep Getting Better with Time

Push or Pull unveils its line of bronze door handles that celebrate craftsmanship and artistry. Bronze ages beautifully, often even outshining its contemporary metals for its finish. Enhanced by time, bronze’s rich patina makes it a go-to material for home or office designs.

The artisans behind the bronze collection mix modern texture with timeless colour unique only to bronze, and all these designs can be found in Push or Pull’s the bronze door handles.
The collection integrates bronze’s “living finish” with strokes and chiselled lines in the bronze door handles. These bronze handles eventually change in colour and oxidize to achieve their eccentric shades.

The back-to-back bronze handles come in different designs, ranging from white, light, dark, matte black, and light-medium, ranging from simple to complex geometric designs to accentuate your doors.

Lastly, these bronze front door handles are available at Push or Pull Architectural Door Handles at affordable prices.

Why Choose Bronze for Your Door Handles?

Bronze looks beautiful when polished, but it’s not the polish and the finish that make this material a favourite to many architects. Bronze’s resistance to corrosion makes it an alloy suitable for not just interior but also outdoor designs.

Compared to low-maintenance steel and aluminium, bronze is employed as the primary material for many purposes for its aesthetic value and more. Further studies also reveal that bronze mixed with copper alloys make it impossible for bacteria and viruses to survive.

What Qualities to Look For When Purchasing a Bronze Door Handle?
So, what are the specific qualities you should be looking for when buying a bronze door handle for your home? What benefits do these qualities offer?


The Elizabeth back-to-back door handle is just one of the many exquisitely designed handles here at Push or Pull. This is one of the crowd’s favourites when it comes to elegance and ergonomics.


If simplicity and coordination are what you aim for, the Alexis is one for your design. Alexis accents the simple and creates the impression of durability and expressiveness.


The Tristan Back-to-Back pair is one that focuses on the symmetry of your design. Depending on the colour of your choice, the handle can make the simple look more attractive at a glance.

With that said, you can accentuate, complete, or enhance the door you have in mind with these handles made with attention to detail, utility, and durability.

In fact, whatever design you have in mind, Push or Pull will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Push or Pull has been a partner in making architectural designs possible. The diverse selection of exquisite door handles varies in material, purpose, and style.

They are at the top when it comes to bronze handles Australia needs, but that’s not just that. Push or Pull caters to all sorts of projects for Hotels, High Rise Buildings, and Restaurants.

A master of the craft, Push or Pull’s designers and smiths work with every material you can think of to achieve that architectural design of your dreams.

From stainless steel, wood, chrome, brass, bronze to gold, these artisans work together to create exquisite designs that exceed the imaginable.

Your One-Stop Shop for the Finest Bronze Door Handles Australia

Need help with choosing what is best for your design? If so, why not ask Push or Pull for help? They even offer customized door handles to refine the overall architectural design.

Artisans and architects can both agree that there is no single design for door handles that can and will meet everyone’s needs.

That’s why you can talk to a representative and share what you have in mind. Their custom door handles can be tailored according to your preferred size, colour, texture, proportion, and style.

What more could you want?

While Push or Pull offers the best designs for bronze door handles, there are also numerous other materials are available to choose from.

So, go ahead and talk to the experts in designing your door handles at 1300 853 323, and they will get to you as soon as they can!

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