Care & Maintenance

General Cleaning Instructions

To ensure product longevity of Push or Pull Handles, please ensure that only a damp cloth is used with diluted, mild detergent to remove any stains or fingerprints. After the handle is cleaned with this mixture, repeat the process with a damp cloth with clean water and finally use another soft cloth to fully dry the surface.

Residue build-up from environmental factors, as well as sweat and dirty hands from users may cause discolouration to the original handle finish. To avoid such damage, please wipe products with a damp soft cloth and dry thoroughly. It is recommended that this done regularly and incorporated into a general cleaning routine.

Salt water and salt air can quickly build salt residuals on the surface of the handle and MUST NOT be allowed to build up on surface, regular cleaning as described above is critical to ensure the longevity of the handle finish.

Frequency of Cleaning

The above cleaning process should be done everyone to two weeks or more regularly depending on the environment and location of the handle.


Do not use cleaners that contain bleach, abrasive, solvent or alcohol based cleaners, or any type of scourer or abrasive cleaning pad. This may affect protective coating such as plating, powder coating and lacquer.

**Failure to follow correct and regular cleaning guidelines may affect warranty

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