5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Door Handles for Your Glass Doors in Australia

front door handles for glass doors

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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Door Handles for Your Glass Doors in Australia

Front door handles can make a difference in the look of your room. That’s why you should take all the necessary time to pick front door handles online. This will not only ensure you a good purchase, but it will also add a spectacle of beauty to your home.

A few facts to bear in mind when you choose your handles for glass doors:

  1. Size
  2. Choices of finishes
  3. Environment
  4. Security
  5. Colour

99% of Our Handles Are Suitable for Glass Doors


If you’re looking for door handles online, there’s no other place to go than Push or Pull. Here, we offer a variety of handles, including entrance door handles, sliding door handles, and even custom handles. What’s more is that 99% of our handles are suitable for glass doors, so you shouldn’t worry about getting the wrong handles.

Best handles from Push or Pull online shop for your glass doors

Indeed, you have a long list of door handle options to choose from here at Push or Pull. To guide you in making your final buying decision, we’ve compiled various handles from our shop that could give you factors to consider when choosing handles for your glass doors in Australia.


If you own a large commercial building, our Grande door handles could be a great pick as your entrance door handles. These handles come in pair, so you get to have two in one purchase. These door handles are simple, but they definitely look elegant, and this gives you all the more reasons to purchase a pair of these door handles.


Another great door handle from Push or Pull is the Omicron handle. This handle has a peculiar shape and design that makes it look attractive and fun. It also comes in a variety of colours, so you have all the freedom to choose which hue you prefer.


One of the most elegant door handles to pair with your glass door is Push or Pull’s Walt door handle. Measuring 600-mm long, this handle takes the dark, elegant colour of black that reflects light in the most beautiful way.


If you prioritise appearance for the look of your glass door, choose the stylish beauty of Diana. It has a slender shape that accentuates each of its curves and edges. While it displays beauty, it doesn’t compromise the value of ergonomics.


If you’re looking for a back to back pair of handles, the Maximus handles should be your top choice. They look sleek with their shiny, flawless coating. Their long length and bold width also look strong and durable, making them great glass handles and sliding door handles.


Push or Pull has an abundant collection of handles for different themes. The Harold door handle, for one, is a door handle for an antique theme. It has an elegant design that looks attractive with sophistication.

Here at Push or Pull, we also work on custom door handles. You just have to inform us of your plans and we’ll do the rest. We’ll strive to provide you with the exact kind of masterpiece that you’re looking for.

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