Designing Your Dream Home: How to Start

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Designing Your Dream Home: How to Start

Are you looking to design a dream home? Do you know where to begin?

You can find lots of inspiration online these days and it can be quite overwhelming when you’re still in the initial stages of gathering your ideas. Thankfully, there are lots of free tools available that are easy to use and they’re great if you need some design inspiration!

Inspiration from social media sites

Instagram and Pinterest are great visual channels for drawing inspiration for your dream home. You can search with keywords or hashtags on your preferences or styles or you can even follow hashtags for specific rooms of the house and begin there. What’s great about these sites is that there is new content every day and it’s also really easy to save things that you find inspiring.

Other platforms

Houzz is a platform that is dedicated to interior design, architecture, landscaping and decoration. It has more than 40 million users across the globe. It feels somewhat similar to Pinterest but it’s only on the topics mentioned. What’s also good about Houzz is that it is a marketplace so you can search for professional designers, builders and decorators directly on the site. What’s more, it’s also possible to shop from the platform so if you find inspiration, you can buy it!

Don’t forget the detail!

The big visuals often take over when you’re planning your dream home but you also need to consider the smaller elements like door hardware to add your finishing touches. Architectural door hardware is not only functional but important in how your home looks. If you’re designing one room at a time, you might want to consider purchasing your architectural door hardware for each room all in one go so that you know you will have the matching items when the time comes to decorate the other rooms in your home. Social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram can help you to choose the right door hardware for your house style and room themes. We have a range of architectural door hardware online and you can browse by finish, shape and length. There are loads to choose from but if you still can’t find your style, we can also create a custom door handles just for you!


Don’t forget a really important finishing touch: your lighting. You can have the most wonderfully decorated home or room, but if you don’t get your lighting right, it won’t look at good as it could. Consider the brightness and warmth of your bulbs and whether you want lamps, spotlights or overhead lights. The chances are you will want different looks and feels for each room. A living area will look great with warm lighting while an office is better with bright, cool lighting.


When you’re moving into your new home, there are lots of things to think about. Many people focus on the interior first to get their property looking and feeling like home as soon as possible. It can be quite daunting to start thinking about the outside space at first! As well as using Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration, there are lots of landscaping apps that are great. iScape® and Home Outside® are two top-rated mobile apps that allow you to load a picture of hour space and overlay things like paving and plants from their catalogue to create an image of what your space could be like.

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