Custom Door Handles Crafted from Australian Historical Bridge

Custom Door Handle in Australia - Process

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Custom Door Handles Crafted from Australian Historical Bridge

We transform peace of timber into Door Pull Handle

Custom door handles are becoming a trend these days. They are now becoming more and more popular across different households, especially in Australia. Why so? Custom made door handles in Australia are popular because they are customised according to the preferences of clients. They give clients the freedom to get what they want.

How We Do It at Push or Pull Architectural Door Handles

Here, we will share story with you just how we, at Push or Pull Architectural Door Handles, made custom door handles. You will see just how a door handle was created from a single piece of wood into a magnificent masterpiece. You will be able to take a peek at how the process of customising a door handle is done in Push or Pull Architectural Door Handles – from the preparation of materials to the sizing to the polishing.

Preparing the Materials

Push or Pull Architectural Door Handles crafts wooden door pull handles from a material called Recycled Ironbark. Natural, durable, and renewable, we use timber as the main material for our products. We get timber from a large bridge girder which came from a bridge over Christmas Creek near Boonah in South East Queensland.

transform peace timber door pull handle
Bridge over Christmas Creek, South East Queensland

We also use Stainless Steel as the material for the back part of the door handle to give the timber material enough support and durability.


At Push or Pull Architectural Door Handles, we give customers the freedom to decide the size of their door handle. We can give clients suggestions of the ideal sizes based on the standard sizes of door handles. For this project, the size of the door handle is 300mm by 300 mm.

Creating a 3D Model of Custom Door Handle

The client of this project requested a custom front door handle with a G and G symbol. The idea was to create a custom made door handle in a logo-like style. There should be 4 G letters.

3D model custom door handle
3D Model of the Door handle

After receiving the request, we immediately created a 3D model of the door handle using a special software. Then, we sent the model to the client for approval. The client liked the model and so he gave us the go signal to proceed to the actual crafting of the door handle.

Crafting the Door Handle

After receiving the go signal, we started crafting the door handle. With the materials already prepared and the sizes confirmed, we are ready to proceed to crafting.

First, we created a stainless steel plate for the door handle. This metal plate will serve as the support of the wooden part of the door. However, this metal plate is only for the back part of the wooden door handle, which means that you can’t actually see it and you can only see the wooden part of the door handle. This metal plate is only designed to give security and durability.

Stainless Steel Door Handles Australia
Stainless Steel Plate

After crafting the stainless steel plate for the back part of the handle door, it’s time to craft the wooden door handle. Using a CNC machine, the timber wood is cut and is used to make the wooden part of the door handle.

Wooden door Handles Timber Handles
Raw Timber Wood

Using our high-performing cutting and shaping tools and machines, we form the timber according to the approved model with the 4 G’s design.


After moulding the shape and the form of the wooden door handle, the piece is polished through sanding. Doing this process will give the wooden door handle a perfectly smooth finish, a feature that is important particularly for products such as door handles, which we use with our hands several times every day.

Moreover, the door handle is also coated with paint. For this project, we used transparent paint to preserve the natural wooden patterns of timber, to enhance the dull colour of the recycled wood, and to smoothen the texture of the wooden door handle.

Custom Door Handles Australia
Actual Door Handle after Painting

The whole process of crafting this customised door handle took 3 weeks. The client was satisfied with the quality of the work and the promptness in terms of the delivery.

At Push or Pull Architectural Door Handles, we make sure that our clients get exactly what they want. We believe that each and every homeowner has their own goals for their house, and so we help them achieve their goals with our custom design door handles.

Indeed, the process of creating a door handle is not an easy task. However, at Push or Pull Architectural Door Handles, we make things easier. With our professional knowledge, skills, and experience, we can take just about any customisation projects – from basic level projects to complex ones. With our trained and experienced workforce, we are able to assign many hands to work together and create the customisations that you are looking for. With the use of our high-tech cutting, shaping, and polishing tools, we are able to complete tasks faster, allowing us to deliver high-quality results to clients in a timely manner.

Creating Custom Door Handles with Push or Pull Architectural Door Handles

We at Push or Pull Architectural Door Handles believes that anyone who wants to build something should be able to do so. If you want to build a customised door handle, work on it. And, if you think you can’t, work with us. With our assistance, you will certainly get what you want. Share your custom door handle ideas with us, and we will make them real for you. Together, let’s achieve your home improvement goals. Do you have custom door handle ideas?

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