Do You Like Black Door Handles On White Doors?

black door handles white doors

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Do You Like Black Door Handles On White Doors?

If you’re building your house, you want every little thing to be perfect – even the handles on your doors. With a wide variety of doors sold in the market, you will definitely have a hard time finding one that suits the style of your room or the colour of your door. One of the most popular door-handle themes today is the black door handles on white doors. This theme is common among households as it gives a neat and attractive contrast effect on the look of a doorway. It’s simple, but the look gives off a sense of elegance.

In this post, we’ll talk about the black door handle on white door theme to know just what makes it so popular in most homes today.

Black Means Elegance

Indeed, black means elegance. Among all colours, it’s easily the most elegant one. In a place where light and bright colours are illuminating, the colour black stands out with sophistication.

Black Balances Hues

black balances hues

If your room is painted in bright colours such as white or light blue, black is the perfect match that creates a beautiful contrast effect. It balances the white hues of your bright, light space. On the other hand, if the theme of your room is neutral, and the walls are painted in colours such as grey or navy blue, a black handle will complete the look of your theme. Certainly, the combination will look beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. More so if you match a black door handle with a white colour of a door. This is the kind of theme you will surely not want to miss out.

Black is Neat

black door handles ideas

While black is perceived to be the complete opposite of white’s pure and clean colour, black is actually a neat colour for a door handle. As everybody knows, door handles function as, well, door handles. Naturally, they are used by hands for perhaps about a hundred times a day. For this reason, they get a lot of dirt. While you can clean all the dirt away, it would be troublesome to deal with them on a daily basis.

A dark door handle is a smart choice. Because the colour is dark, nobody can see all the dirt. This means that you don’t have to do the cleaning every single time. It’s not only stylish, but it’s also practical.

Black is Versatile

Black fits any colour, texture, or material. It looks great with whatever colour you pair it with. It’s a versatile choice that suits any kind of texture or material your door may have. Its versatility makes it a favourite pick among people.

Black Emphasizes Functionality

A black-coated door handle has the power to emphasize its own functionality. Because it illuminates a strong dark hue, it can accentuate its function to its users, especially when paired with a white door.


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