Lucas Back to Back Pair


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PA-305-A POLISH BRASS-TUBE Ф=N/A L=280mm CC=254mm H=77mm $900.00
PA-305-B SATIN BRASS-TUBE Ф=N/A L=280mm CC=254mm H=77mm $870.00
PA-305-C SATIN EP-CHROME Ф=N/A L=280mm CC=254mm H=77mm $870.00
PA-305-D EP-BRONZE Ф=N/A L=280mm CC=254mm H=77mm $870.00

Introducing the Lucas Back to Back Pair door handles, designed for use on entry doors in homes and commercial spaces. These door handles are 280mm in length, providing ample grip for opening and closing doors with ease.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these door handles are built to last. The back-to-back design means that there is a handle on both sides of the door, providing a solid grip from any direction. This makes them perfect for high-traffic areas where durability is key.

Choose from four different finishes – POLISH BRASS-TUBE, SATIN BRASS-TUBE, SATIN EP-CHROME, or EP-BRONZE – to complement your decor. The POLISH BRASS-TUBE finish offers a classic and timeless look, while the SATIN BRASS-TUBE finish has a more subdued appearance. The SATIN EP-CHROME finish has a sleek and modern look, while the EP-BRONZE finish adds a touch of warmth and richness to any room.

These door handles are easy to install and come in a back-to-back pair for both sides of your entry door. They are perfect for adding a touch of style and functionality to any entryway, whether in a home or commercial space.

Upgrade your entry door with the Lucas Back to Back Pair door handles and experience the durability and style of these premium door handles today!

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Product Dimensions Guides
Product Dimensions Guides

Ф: Diameter
L: Length
C-C: Fitting Screw Center to Center
H: Height
W: Width
Size Units: Millimeter (mm)