Buckingham Back to Back Pair


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PA-767 MARBLE-2 Ф=38mm L=1550mm CC=N/A H=N/A $4,140.00

The Buckingham – Marble Black Door Handle is one of the front entry door handles among the collection of architectural door handles at Push or Pull. It is designed in a modern way but inspired by traditional technology. This designer door handle will give your grand entry door a contemporary look.

The Buckingham – Marble Black Door Handle is a decoration symbol that will enhance that aesthetic value to your premises’ front entry door. It is made with a natural stone that has been used for ages. In addition, the marble adds that traditional touch to the door handle. It feels silky and is smooth to the hand. The marble material is also effortless to clean. In fact, you can simply clean it with a little bit of warm water and a soft sponge.

The black colour of the door handle gives it a classic look. Black blends well with any colour. You can install the marble black door handle on doors painted in any colour without fearing a colour disaster on your front door. It is a bold colour and exhibits confidence and also professionalism for business premises.

There are many sizes of architectural door handles. The Buckingham – Marble Black Door Handle is 1550mm long, which is just the right length. It’s not too long nor too short, fitting the average human palm. The length of the handle makes it very easy to use.

Front door handles are used many times in a day, and that is why this door handle is designed to be strong and durable. It withstands wear and tear and maintains that original look and sparkle for a long time.

Buckingham – Marble Black Door Handle is among the best designer door handles here at Push or Pull. It’s classic and contemporary with a traditional touch that is all in one.

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Product Dimensions Guides
Product Dimensions Guides

Ф: Diameter
L: Length
C-C: Fitting Screw Center to Center
H: Height
W: Width
Size Units: Millimeter (mm)