Belle Antimicrobial Back to Back Pair


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PA-308-Cu+ Ф=N/A L=505mm CC=475mm H=70mm $1,580.00

Handles that kill 99.9% bacteria … 24/7 ?

Handles are the first and last thing that people use to enter room or building, so the significance and role that a humble handle has more than just opening a door.

But  a door handle also plays a major role in the transfer of bacteria, microbes that land on a door handle through a cough, sneeze or just a touch.

Germs can survive on the surfaces of regular door handle surfaces for days, or even months, waiting to be transferred.

Push or Pull range of Antimicrobial handles are a cost effective solution to this major  problem that exists in just about every building new or old, our range of handles are at work continuously 24/7 rapidly killing microbes that cause infections.

This unique property of the product does not need any further maintenance once installed and does not stop working, ever! With unbelievable scientifically  proven results, killing 99.9% of bacteria that cause infection within 2 hours.

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Product Dimensions Guides
Product Dimensions Guides

Ф: Diameter
L: Length
C-C: Fitting Screw Center to Center
H: Height
W: Width
Size Units: Millimeter (mm)