Avalon Back to Back Pair


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PA-127-0B POLISH Ф=25mm L=381mm CC=355mm H=70mm $350.00
PA-127-1B POLISH Ф=19mm L=171mm CC=152mm H=60mm $290.00
PA-127-1C EP-PVD Ф=19mm L=171mm CC=152mm H=60mm $290.00
PA-127-1D EP-ROSE-GOLD Ф=19mm L=171mm CC=152mm H=60mm $290.00
PA-127-1E SATIN Ф=19mm L=171mm CC=152mm H=60mm $270.00
PA-127-2E SATIN Ф=22mm L=250mm CC=228mm H=65mm $350.00
PA-127-3A POLISH SATIN Ф=25mm L=300mm CC=275mm H=70mm $390.00
PA-127-4A POLISH SATIN Ф=32mm L=500mm CC=468mm H=80mm $420.00
PA-127-5A POLISH SATIN Ф=32mm L=600mm CC=568mm H=80mm $420.00
PA-127-6A POLISH SATIN Ф=38mm L=800mm CC=762mm H=95mm $540.00
PA-127-7E SATIN Ф=19mm L=222mm CC=203.5mm H=60mm $280.00
PA-127-8E SATIN Ф=22mm L=422mm CC=400mm H=65mm $390.00
PA-127-9A POLISH SATIN Ф=38mm L=1800mm CC=1762mm H=95mm $890.00

Exclusive architectural door handles by Push or Pull.

Australian largest selection of designer front door handles.

We ship all over Australia, shipping costs will be included at the checkout (Flat rate $40).

We also ship worldwide, please contact us for a quote on shipping costs.

All prices are inclusive of gst.

Product Dimensions Guides
Product Dimensions Guides

Ф: Diameter
L: Length
C-C: Fitting Screw Center to Center
H: Height
W: Width
Size Units: Millimeter (mm)