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PP-508-A TITANIUM BRONZE Ф=80mm L=1800mm CC=1160mm H=N/A $3,580.00
PP-508-B ROSE-GOLD WOVEN-LEATHER BRONZE Ф=80mm L=1800mm CC=1160mm H=N/A $3,580.00

Do you want to transform your grand entry doors with beautifully designed hardware? You can make an unforgettable first impression with Apollo designer door handles. The timeless designs of these door accessories are perfect for vintage and modern doors.

Apollo – Designer Long Door Handle

There are numerous circumstances in which you’ll find yourself in need of long door handles. Maybe you are a self-builder, designing your first house from scratch and sourcing doors plus their complimentary handles. Or you could be an architect, working on several projects and wanting all your residential or commercial developments to have the same topnotch look. You still need the perfect architectural door handles when renovating your house to match the overall home design. The Apollo measures 1800 mm, a length for long door handles that is rare to come by in Australia.

Rose-Gold Bronze Door Handle & Titanium Bronze Handle

Whatever your reason for buying designer door handles, it is worth considering the right shape and design. Perhaps you want different door handle designs for different floors of your building, or you prefer similar design throughout your property. Thankfully, Push or Pull’s Apollo Designer Long Door Handle comes in two finishes — rose-gold woven-leather bronze and titanium bronze.

Modern Door Handle

If you want to be daring in choosing your door design, a sleek and modish titanium bronze Apollo handle is what you need to reflect that bravery. When you want to showcase the individuality of your doors, choose the classic rose-gold bronze model. These long door handles are very convenient when it comes to closing and opening doors. Suppose your hands are full; then, you can open the door easily with your elbow! Since the handle is mounted slightly away from the door frame, there is very little chance of catching your knuckles on the frame.

Shopping for architectural door handles online can be a bit tricky because you can’t feel them. But when you shop at Push or Pull, rest assured that the handle will fit your door perfectly and without a question, will look fabulous. These accessories are great additions to commercial establishments like shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, and industrial properties.

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Product Dimensions Guides
Product Dimensions Guides

Ф: Diameter
L: Length
C-C: Fitting Screw Center to Center
H: Height
W: Width
Size Units: Millimeter (mm)