Do I Need a Right or Left Handed Interior Door Handle?

right or left interior door handle by push or pull

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Do I Need a Right or Left Handed Interior Door Handle?

At first thought, the question might be just an easy one to answer. However, when you think about it, it’s actually an important question that needs a serious amount of time for you to finally make your answer. After all, an interior door handle is something that you put in your house. Once set, it can be difficult to fix when mistakes are done.

Why do you need to choose between right handed or left handed door levers anyway? That is because not all interior door handles are reversible. This means that the design or the locking mechanism might be strictly for a specific side of the door.

Moreover, there are also door handles that have a symmetrical design. No matter which way you rotate them, they will look just the same.

How to Determine Right or Left Handed Lever

You can determine the door lever that you need by identifying which side, right or left of you, do the hinges go when you open the door away from you when you’re standing outside your house with the key side in front of you. You have a right handed door if the hinges go to the right, and you have a left handed one if the hinges go to the left.

Now you know how to identify a right handed door from a left handed door. If your door is only installed with its frame and hinges on, this should be an easy task for you. Pretty easy, right? But, take note that this rule only applies when you’re outside your house. What happens when you’re in your bedroom or your bathroom? The technique can still be used, but there may be some little changes in various situations.

If your bedroom’s door swings into the inside of your room, you can use the same technique of determining whether it is a right or a left handed door. However, if it swings out, you might consider making some changes to the rule. For example, if you’re standing outside your room and it swings outside of the room towards your side, with the hinges on your left side, you can call your door as a left handed door that needs a right handed handle.

Choosing the Best Interior Door Handle at Push or Pull

With the technique in mind, the task of distinguishing right handed and left handed lever sets should be a simple task. However, keep in mind that there’s no need for you to deal with all the struggles by yourself. You can always call for professional help.

We can help make everything easy for you. As you choose handle designs and colours, the team can guide you through so that you can make sure that you’re not choosing the wrong products. As for the aesthetics, the team can present you the best collection of commercial lever sets. Certainly, with Push or Pull, you’re in good and safe hands.

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